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10 Blogging Tools That Will Make You A Better Blogger

If you are a blogger that isn’t relying on any blogging tools, you are doing it wrong. Being a pro blogger means that you need to consistently write high-quality content. This can be difficult to do, especially since you’ll need to update your blog on a regular basis in order to maintain your readership. Fortunately, the following is a list of 10 blogging tools that will help you create high-quality and professional-looking content: Evernote When …

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How To Recover From Google Penalty

Due to the resurgence of online businesses these days, many marketers use different approaches to achieve a higher ranking on the SERPs. As a result, many of those who violate the Google’s Webmaster Guideline will be penalized by Google Penalty Algorithm Updates and that will put all your hard work to waste. 1.Did you receive a Google Webmaster tools warning? If you want to know whether your website has been hit by a Google Penalty, …

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Content is King but Optimization Determines Victory

We were often asked “How can I build a perfectly optimized page?” and “What should be look for while working on On-page SEO?”. These are probably few of the most asked questions in SEO and web marketing field. As modern day SEO evolves, it gets even harder to tell what’s optimal when it comes to On-page SEO. Before we proceed with what we think as optimal, here’s a helpful article written by guys over MOZ, …

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How Establishing Your Brand’s Presence Can Further Boost Your SEO effort.

Having good On-Page SEO is vital for every website, that’s what we preach religiously here at SEOPressor. That’s the whole science why SEOPressor is created and to provide you with real-time on-page evaluation and immediate recommendation to help you improve your website content for better WordPress SEO. In the past, SEO practitioners have been able to create content that is specifically tailored to rank for specific search terms in search engines. However, Google in particular …

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SEOPressor V5.1 Released – Now Compatible with WP 3.7+ and more.

So here we are again, releasing yet another update for SEOPressor V5.1. This latest version has already been release 2 weeks ago, like always, we love to pilot test new releases before announcing and making it available to everyone. The test has been good and users involved in the test were all happy. We’d also like to thank them for their input and voluntary bug reporting. What’s New in SEOPressor V5.1: Here are the things …

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The 10 Most Common WordPress SEO Mistakes

SEO for WordPress can seem deceptively simple. Throw in a few tags, put your keyword in the text a bunch of times, and you’re done, right? Wrong. You’ll probably get no where if that’s all you ever did. WordPress SEO is more than just a couple of keywords and tags, and there are much more things to cover in order to maximize your WordPress SEO. Here are some common SEO mistakes you’ll find in far too many …

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5 Reasons SEOPressor Is Better Than Other WordPress SEO Plugins

SEO plugins for WordPress can number in the dozens. A search for your preferred WordPress SEO plugin is not an easy task, there are simply too much of available choices. The competition is stiff and comparison between plugins are made almost every single day, however SEOPressor was built not to compete with all the others. SEOPressor was built to stand above and improve your WordPress SEO. Instead of expanding the feature list for the sake of …

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Using Open Graph Protocol to Increase Traffic From Facebook Users

We’ve noticed that as social media continues to explode, it’s now “the norm” to see a Facebook “Like” button attached to many of our client’s blog articles, products, and other website objects. When your readers make the decision to click on the Facebook Like button, a story pertaining to your website is then shared on that individual’s timeline, as well as on their friend’s news feeds, and that’s powerfully viral. When the correct image, text …

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Google Authorship: Street Cred of the Future

Street cred still counts, even in the day of the information superhighway. With cyberspace flooded with content, search engines have to find a way to distinguish the spam from the good stuff. Google authorship might still be fairly new, but it’s the search giant’s way of doing just that. A feature of Google +, authorship offers you a way to build credibility on the web, which will benefit you both personally and in terms of …

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Generate Leads to Aweber with Twitter Card Advertising

Twitter has recently (few days ago!) opened up it’s Lead Generation Card to everyone. I dived right in to explore it’s potential and I can see how this will change the marketing landscape in a very near future. I am not a paid advertising expert (most of my marketing has evolved around organic methods), I am sure there will be more tips & tricks following this that will cut my cost further and if you …

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