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Daniel tan

Hi Guys, this is Daniel Tan here. First of all, thank you for using SEOPressor and I hope you enjoy using SEOPressor!

SEOPressor is a veru successful product. It is now being used by over 170,000+ Wordpress sites and I do have a vision that this plugin will soon be used by ALL Wordpress powered sites and one day become a mandatory Wordpress SEO plugin.

A little introduction about me, many of you knew me as the SEO guy. Yes, I do SEO for a living and I also involve myself in Internet Marketing, more specifically to share my SEO experiences.

Ah, that's me on top of a local hill. I am just a simple guy, most of the time busy enough that my eyes look quite tired (I am handling too many things at once, from WSOs to servicing SEO clients, managing my list, doing swaps, affiliate promotions, setting up new affiliate sites etc etc, I think I am lucky I have not got into CPA yet, or I will have no time to sleep). I am running my business on a full-time basis (if I am lucky, as it's usually overtime).

I previously released the Backlink Syndication System and Rank Mover, both received exceptional testimonials. This time, SEOPressor is here to answer on-page SEO optimization and also to give SEO business owners a plugin to easily standardize the way their staffs work on optimizing content.

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You can contact me by going to my support desk at:
Daniel's Customer Support Desk


Thank you and wish you a good day!



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