"A DONE FOR YOU Guide To Your First Profitable Website"

Here goes:

For quite some time, a lot of you have been telling me your difficulties in digital marketing.

In fact, I've broken it down into 4 types of rough patches we all could have faced along the journey:

  • Lack of website traffic
  • Poor opt-in rate
  • Awful email marketing open rate
  • Low website conversion
  • Achieving only 1 out of the 4 (traffic, opt-in, conversion, email) doesn’t do much help either. To celebrate long-lasting success, every single component plays an important part.

    Knowing that, you’ve optimised your pages countless amount of times, written tons of eye catching headlines, used enticing meta description, created good content, like really good ones no doubt...

    As desperate as you are right now, you have done everything you can on your website to say to Google “This is a relevant content!” But ouch, your site doesn't seem to be ranking no matter what.

    Annoying right? Well, no more.

    Dear struggling marketers,

    You will see in the guide all my years of valuable experience together with the latest data-proven results from getting a bunch of traffic to your website to making tons of REAL money for you!


    "The Best Part Is Expect to GET this at the end…"

    • Start getting REAL Super Targeted Traffic to your website
    • Boost your website opt-in rate like never before
    • Make Instant sales from your website in no time
    • Turn your email list into a money making generator
    • No experiences or technical skills needed

    "A BULLETPROOF Strategy That
    You Can Apply"

    Listen… If you are looking for an easy and fast way to generate money from your website, STAY on this page because I am going to show you exactly how to do it!

    It was very hard back then…

    When I needed to start from scratch and figure out how things work. Getting people to visit your website is easy until you realize that these bunch of traffic is not the exact traffic that you want.

    Honestly, I made ZERO money in the first year and I definitely do not want you to go back to the same route again.

    Through the Guide, you will learn to STOP your website from getting bunch of traffic because I will show you how to get only the real traffic that gives you real conversion at the end of the day.

    But first, let me just introduce myself.

    "My name is Steph W, and I'm the Co-Founder SEOPressor."

    You may have seen our tool that's been featured by many world-class SEO marketers. In fact, we are now powering more than 23,000,000+ WordPress pages worldwide and ranked as 1 of the top plugins by many awards like SitePoint Award.

    As for our website Blog Title Generator...

    It gets over 50,000 visitors per month. (we started off with 20 per week…)

    We are firmly planted on the top rankings of the search engine result page.

    That’s not all! We are even featured in Google Answers (as seen below).

    As a result, we are seeing tremendous traffic growth on many of our pages.

    You see I’ve found a solid way to get this super targeted traffic to my website and the result is exactly what I have been wishing for back then. This strategy that you are going to learn is the Ultimate Exact Step that you should execute and I am very sure you will never look back again.

    But that’s just part of the success…

    I’ve also found a successful framework to build and grow your email list and I want to help people achieve the same well-constructed success I have achieved.

    You are right,

    We CAN’T let the email list just sit there without a real result; so let the CONVERSION begin! You are going to get hands-on experience to our Proven Strategies and generate money from that exact same list.

    "This Is NOT For You"

    If you expect a ‘magic guide’ that will make you a millionaire in a day - I’m very sure you’ve bought hundreds of those.

    This is a REAL opportunity, and all the strategies that you will explore and follow in the series is founded based on REAL experience that we have collected and analyzed over the years. People who use this system REALISTICALLY make Instant Sales of $4,676 in a day!

    Can you imagine? Now, this how it looks like...

    And I want to do the same for you too but first you MUST get yourself ready to see money coming in after you have done all the steps!

    "Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside
    The Ultimate Guide"

    Book 1: Ultimate Traffic Generator - Get Instant Traffic Using Keywords

    • 5 Best Steps of Keyword Research Methodology + Infographics (pg.3)
    • Identify and attract high quality traffic to your website (pg.14)
    • Master the techniques to decrypt your user intent (pg.16)
    • Learn how to optimize LSI keywords in your content and rank on #1 Google (pg.19)
    • Get tons of traffic from ‘unpopular’ search queries using this 2 hidden steps (pg.25)
    • And MUCH more…
    Worth: $57

    Book 2: Lead Magnet - Exclusive Guide To Maximize Your Website Opt-In Rate 2018

    • 7 ways to create an irresistible offer that your prospect cannot find elsewhere (pg.4)
    • 6 enticing opt-In offer ideas readers prefer in 2018 (pg.9)
    • Call-to-Action that drive readers to click (pg.14)
    • Discover how to create a high conversion landing page for your business (pg.18)
    • Key elements big players use to optimize their lead generation forms (pg.21)
    • And MUCH more...
    Worth: $57

    Book 3: Instant Sales Solution - 200% Conversion with 4 Hidden Boosting Methods

    • Manage the balance between providing values and opt for sales in your website (pg.4)
    • The perfect user flow to nurture visitors on your website (pg.11)
    • Use unique differentiation, quantified value and relevancy to create value proposition of your product (pg.14)
    • 8 steps to build instant trust to your website’s readers (pg.19)
    • Effective ways to measure and analyze long term trends (pg.23)
    • And so MUCH more...
    Worth: $87

    Book 4: Top-Notch Cash Building Framework For A Successful Email Marketing

    • 3 emails to turn leads into ready buyer strategically (pg.4)
    • The best selling email format in 2018 (pg.9)
    • 12 Offers that readers subscribe to most often (pg.14)
    • The very best day to get the highest email open rate (pg.18)
    • Checklist to make sure you do not make any of these 19 mistakes even an experience email marketers would make (pg.25)
    • Bonus Chapter: Your First Email Campaign (Case Study Included)
    • And MUCH more...
    Worth: $137

    What does this mean for you?

    It means….you can get insider access on how I have been doing it all these while and get targeted quality traffic that converts to your website.

    The best part is, you just need to do this strategy once and you can sit back and watch traffic flooding in your website like never before. Let the real money conversion begin!

    PS: Conversions are unlimited!

    The limit is only at your own actions now.


    I nearly forgot to tell you about the bonus!

    [2018 REAL CASE STUDY]

    Do not be surprised if you see a 2018 Case Study inside EACH guide because everyone knows that REAL DATA is what matters here. And I want to make sure all the examples are relevant to you so that you can get instant results to your website.

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    "Hey Steph, my website conversion has just gone up by 280% in a week after I implemented 2 strategies in your guide. 3 more strategies to go, can’t wait to see how high I can hit this month!" - Steve M.

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    I will see you inside,

    Co-Founder Of SEOPressor

    No, I Am Fine With Losing My Traffic.