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Have you ever wondered why your website is always buried deep down on the search engine results? If you had ever done any keyword research, here is the problem: It is basically not your fault, it’s Google’s!!! Google Keywords Planner is fooling you. For years, we have been using Keywords Planner to do keywords research. Even the Great Wizard Of Moz mentioned in his tweet: “Google Keywords Planner hides data. Google Keywords Planner has misguided you. Moreover, Google Keywords Planner exists to help us create more adwords instead of doing proper SEO.”


Our good friend Abbas Ravji created the ultimate keywords research tool to replace Google Keywords Planner. It is called Niche Genetics. It has helped thousands of SEO Marketers to attain better ranking.

What Niche Genetics is all about?

It’s a powerful keyword research tool that seeks out only the most profitable buyer keywords and provides you with the most important metrics for you to make important decisions.

After we tried this powerful software for SEOPressor, we were able to see the incredible benefits that using Niche Genetics brings to us. Here is a review summary:

• No Hidden Data:
Unlike Google Keywords Planner, Niche Genetics gives you unbiased data to help you choose your keywords. While Google Keywords Planner is designed for adwords, Niche Genetics is designed for SEO.

• Dominate Long Tail keywords:
Uncover the blue ocean keywords where you get consistent traffic without your competitors digging into your territory.

• Leverage Intense Metrics:
Niche Genetics has Page Authority, Domain Authority, Trust Flow (TF) and backlinks. You can leverage these metrics to answer important questions like: “Are we able to dominate these keywords?”

• Steal Competitor Adwords campaign:
Niche Genetics enables you to have sneak peeks on previous adwords campaigns. Thus, you can copy ads and make it yours. Great for anyone doing PPC

• Uncover popular “How-to” article titles , hot and rising keywords trends:
You want to create content for your website. Niche Genetics discovers popular titles and rising trends. So, you can create trending content almost immediately

• Useful SEO Video Training:
Having trouble understanding what those metrics are about? Do not worry, Abbas has prepared this handy video training guide to help you complete in-depth keyword and niche research asap!

How We Got to Second Spot By Using Niche Genetics

Did you know that when we first launched our Blog Title Generator a couple of months ago, we actually used Niche Genetics to help us with all the keyword research needs? Since then, with the awesome insights we’ve gotten from this tool, our Blog Title Generator is now ranking at the SECOND spot on the search engine results.

Today, I’m going to walk you through by showing you how we made it to this spot in this little case study.

As usual, before we even start doing our own keyword research, everyone of us tends to have our own opinions on which keyword is the best for our tool. The arguments have been going on for awhile until we’ve narrowed the final decision to two or three keywords at most.

Once we’ve decided that, it’s now time for us to use Niche Genetics to perform a thorough analysis based on the decisions we’ve made.

The first thing we do is to key in the keywords “blog title generator” into Niche Genetics. It will run a thorough analysis throughout the entire search engine and then display all the results as shown in the diagram below.

As you can see, it shows the monthly searches for this keyword “blog title generator” and the difficulty scoring in order to compete for this keyword. Well, as you can see, the scoring is not that promising at all, because it shows that it’s going to be difficult for us to rank for this keyword. Besides that, it also tells us the lowest number and the average number of Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA), and the Trust Flow (TF) of others who had already ranked in this niche.

Then we continued to search for other related keywords as suggested by Niche Genetics that can be found at related terms.

Based on the info provided we continued to do more research on the other keywords, like catchy blog title generator, clever blog title generator, etc.

Very soon we found out that although keywords like “clever blog title generator” have an EASY scoring for their difficulty level, HOWEVER looking at the other factors such as zero monthly searches, it just doesn’t trigger any of our excitement in ranking for that keyword.

Then as we continue, see what we found after comparing both the social signals results for both of these two keywords, “clever blog title generator” vs “blog title generator.”

Look at the results for all these entries “clever blog title generator.” All these social signals show zero share.

Whereas for the “blog title generator” keyword, all the entries have a high number of shares. What this tells us is that most of these users prefer to use this search phrase when looking for this tool. This is something very important for you to know when it comes to researching for the perfect keyword. When more people tend to share your articles or posts, it will tell Google that people love your stuff. Thus Google will be more likely to rank you higher.

So, what does this data tell you?

Niche Genetics can give us all the social signals data with just a click of a button, without us having to gather it manually. The data provided gives us a better idea of whether it’s worth it to invest our time and effort for that particular keyword.

Well, the next most important thing we did was to look at the competitor analysis. It gives us a better idea of how we should go about competing with all of the top 10 entries.

You see, most bloggers tend to leave this part out, and not knowing any of this information will make it harder for you to come up with sound strategic planning in order to win the battle for this competition. After all, you can’t just run into a battlefield blindly. The moment you do that, you will get killed or be defeated almost instantly.

Which is why, it is extremely crucial to find out whether your competitors are actually using any of this keyword in their post Title, URL, and Header. Then by looking at the total word count, it will also give you a better idea as to whether you should be writing a short form or a long form article in order to compete for this ranking. This is extremely essential in planning for your next strategic move. Also, do not forget other important information which includes your competitors’ PA, DA, TF, and the difficulty score, which will also give you a rough estimation of where you stand before competing with them.

By having the necessary data, it will provide us with some insights as to how competitive it is for us and what are the areas (such as Title, URL, Header, or total word count) we should be improving or optimizing for if we really want to go for the keyword “blog title generator.”

Lastly, we looked at the long-tail keyword suggestions. Again, by looking at this data, it now really gives us quite a concrete answer as to which one of these we should be finalizing in the end, after taking into consideration the average searches per month and the total number of search results.

In the end, we made the conclusion of choosing “blog title generator” as the perfect keyword that we should be ranking for the newly developed blog title generator tool, although we know that the difficulty level of ranking for that keyword is extremely difficult.

Since then, we have been tracking and monitoring the status of our ranking. Below are the results. As you can see from the diagram below, our ranking has risen over time and now it is ranking at the SECOND spot.

Now you’ve seen the whole process of how we did our keyword research by using Niche Genetics. So why not check it out now as I’m sure you will be impressed with its other wondrous capabilities.

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