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SEOPressor Connect v6.1 Is Now PHP 7 Ready

SEOPressor Connect (version 6.1) Changelog: Expanded compatibility with PHP 7. Updated On-Page Analysis algorithm to accommodate Google’s latest update on title and meta description. Optimized On-Page Analysis algorithm based on the latest round of compiled data. Improved plugin settings (users can now disable auto meta description and canonical link). Optimized Local SEO’s code sequences. Added more data types for markup. Reworked Site Audit (pages with “no-index” selected will now be excluded from Site Audit). …

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Import SEO Data From Yoast SEO & All In One SEO Pack

We’re happy to introduce a new tool that is designed specially for you guys – SEOPressor Data Importer. Ever since the launch of SEOPressor Connect, we have received many feedbacks and support from you guys. You said it, we heard you! We understand that most of you who have installed other plugins are facing some difficulties transferring the data into SEOPressor Connect. Most of you have to redo everything again if you are to use …

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SEOPressor Version 6.0.2 Now Available

SEOPressor Connect (version 6.0.2) Changelog: Updated On-Page Analysis algorithm based on latest round of compiled data. Reworked some Site-Audit algorithm. Reworked some logic behind data handling. Improved Link-Manager algorithm. Added option to toggle on/off [automatic on-page analysis panel] slide out. Expanded plugin compatibility. Miscellaneous UI/UX refinement. Miscellaneous fixes. To download the latest version 6.0.2, please visit:

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New SEOPressor Version Available (version 6.0.1)

SEOPressor Connect (version 6.0.1) Changelog: Optimized site audit speed. Fixed XML sitemap time & date format. Fixed a rare bug where activation drops randomly. Added server compatibility check. Added [cancel] button for Site Audit. Fixed a rare compatibility issue where users can’t complete onboarding. Improved domain & licensing control in plugin settings. Miscellaneous fixes. To download the latest version 6.0.1, please visit:

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Welcome to SEOPressor Connect!

Thank you for choosing SEOPressor Connect! To get started, please visit our tutorial page.

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