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Step-By-Step Guide To Powering Your WordPress SEO

Just got your copy of SEOPressor? Here’s a quick list of all the things that can get you started with SEOPressor Connect. Or at any point in time that you’ve forgotten how to do something, this tutorial series should help you out. If there is anything that we left out here, be sure to reach us over the support desk.
(In case you’re looking for our legacy tutorial, visit here:

Installation & Introduction

Installing and Activating SEOPressor

Step-by-step guide to how you can install and activate your copy of SEOPressor.

Importing Data From Other SEO Plugins With SEOPressor Data Importer

In this tutorial, we will show you how you can import the SEO data and settings from other SEO plugins into SEOPressor Connect.

A Quick Look At The User Interface

Look at the brand new user interface and see how you can access all of the SEOPressor features.

Content Optimization

SEOPressor On-Page SEO Analysis System

Learn how to utilise SEOPressor’s main feature – On-Page SEO Analysis. Understand the navigation of user interface and the basic philosophy behind our scoring system.

SEOPressor Progressive LSI Keywords Engine

See how you can utilise our newly enhanced Progressive LSI Keywords Engine to diversify your on-page optimization.

SEOPressor On-Page Settings (META Settings, Canonical, 301 Redirect, Robot Rules)

Setup the basic on-page settings: META Settings, Canonical Links, 301 redirect, and the Robot Rules for each unique post in WordPress.

Setting Up Social SEO

Setup your page’s or blog post’s Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card for better social sharing and social traction.

Setting Up Schema and Dublin Core Markup

Setup Schema and Dublin Core markup for better search engine visibility.

Site Audit and Sitewide SEO

SEOPressor Site Audit

Check your website’s performance all in one place.

Analyzing and Fixing Your Website Errors

See how you can fix all the errors revealed by our Site Audit function.

Setting Up Local SEO

Learn how to setup local SEO for your local business and maximize your exposure for local searches.

Setting Up XML Sitemap

Learn how to setup an XML sitemap using SEOPressor.

Homepage SEO

Setting Up Homepage Settings (META Settings, Canonical, 301 Redirect, Robot Rules)

Setup the basic on-page settings for your homepage: META Settings, Canonical Links, 301 Redirect, and Robot Rules.

Setting Up Google Knowledge Graph

Markup your website to be included in Google Knowledge Graph.

Setting Up Homepage Social SEO

Setup your homepage’s Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card for better social sharing and social traction.

Link Manager and Score Manager

SEOPressor Link Manager

Gain maximum control over your website’s links to keep a healthy link profile.

Setting Up Automatic Smart Linking

Automatically build inter-connected web pages with its newly enhanced Automatic Smart Linking feature.

Setting Up Sitewide Link Policy

Setup your Sitewide Link Policy and take full control of your outbound links.

SEOPressor Score Manager

See the Score of all your pages and posts in one place. Zero in on those that need improvement.

Role Settings, Plugin Settings, and Contacting the Support

SEOPressor Role Settings

Manage your team members by granting or limiting their access to SEOPressor.

Setting Up SEOPressor Advanced Settings

Learn how to access the technical part of SEOPressor. Check your license activation status and update your SEOPressor plugin version.

Contacting SEOPressor Support

Learn how you can reach us through our helpdesk.

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