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10 Tips To Level Up Your Facebook Marketing Page

By jiathong on January 8, 2019

10 Tips To Level Up Your Facebook Marketing Page


1. Link and show your Facebook page at your personal account, your physical shop lot, your Instagram, EVERYWHERE

The first rule of having a Facebook page is, you need to talk about your Facebook page.

People can find your page after some googling. But why not let them know, you yourself, that you have a Facebook page?

If you have any other social media, be it Twitter or Instagram, make sure you include the links to your Facebook page and all the other online presence you have.

If you own a property for your business, make little placards to be placed on your counter or stick on the wall telling the customers about your Facebook page.

Sticking a sticker with your Facebook page ID on your window or somewhere facing the streets can make people who are interested but not interested enough to actually enter your shop to check you out online.

email footer facebook link

Insert your Facebook page link at the footer of your emails.

Sending email updates to your clients periodically? Remember to hyperlink your Facebook page at the footer of the emails.

Whatever you do, just remember to cross-reference all your social media accounts and showcase them at your physical location too.

2. Make sure every part of your Facebook page is optimized, including the profile picture, cover photo, description etc

Use every single space that Facebook provides. Profile picture and cover photo are just the basics.

Facebook is becoming an increasingly visual platform with the algorithm favoring photos and videos in lieu of text-only posts.

So it’s absolutely crucial to include images in your posts. Here are the best dimensions for every single image that you can include in your Facebook page.

Facebook image dimensions cheat sheet

Make sure your images are created following Facebook page dimensions.

Make sure your business name, address and phone number (NAP) is in the system. One very important point is to use the exact same variation of your NAP all across the internet.

Example, if you use “Mickey’s New York Pizza” in your Google Business page, don’t use “Mickey’s N.Y. Pizza” in your Facebook page.

example pizza google

Make sure you use the same NAP for your business on your Facebook page and every where else.

Yes, that one small coma will be a big cost to pay for your business’s online exposure.

Other than that, you should also set up the description, username, fill in as many details as you can in the about page, put in your contact, business address and operating hours.

3. Respond to your messages, they’re important

On your Facebook page, there will be an indicator showing how responsive you are to answering messages.

It’s also located at a really noticeable position on your page, which means you better make that indicator looks good.

Besides, not answering messages is like ignoring your patrons when they approach you to ask questions about your products. That’s like totally counter protective to getting more customers and increase sales.

Human nature tends to want to be sure of what that thing is that they want to spend money on. That’s why they message you to ask questions, that’s an indicator that they’re interested.

If you’re too busy with other operations to be highly responsive with your Facebook messages inquiries, perhaps you can get a messenger bot that can answer the basic questions. Filtering out the more complicated questions that require a human touch to you.

4. Monitor your page and post engagements

Are the number of likes on your page increasing every day? How about the amount of like and share for your posts?

Are there people asking questions or engaging in conversations under your Facebook posts?

Facebook marketing like any other marketing technique, only works if the audiences are engaged.

Every Facebook Business Page comes with a comprehensive Facebook Analytics dashboard.

You should monitor your page engagement rates like likes, reach and shares daily or weekly using the Facebook Analytics dashboard (if you’re less active in Facebook compared to other platforms).

In the Facebook Analytics dashboard, you can see the performance of posts by post. This is a good place for you to gauge and gain insights on what kind of contents attracts more readers and engagement.

They also offer a specific video category if you have any video contents, you can track down how many minutes the video is viewed. Did the viewers watch it till the end or they clicked exit 30 seconds in?

Take advantage of these powerful insights to align your future content planning for your Facebook Business Page.

5. Make use of visual contents like photo, gif and videos

Now, you can see that most Facebook content is heavily visual focused. People share and like pictures with motivational quotes, memes or comics all the time, but you don’t see them sharing a lengthy word post all that much.

Based on a study by Buzzsumo, Facebook’s algorithm obviously favors videos. A post consisting of a video can reach 12.05% of the total page audience, with photos right after that at 11.63%, a shared link at 7.81% while a basic text status update will only reach 4.56% of the audiences.

So make good use of visual contents.

If you’re gonna announce the Spring sales for your business, don’t just type it out, at least create an image for it. And if you can afford, create a video for it too.

Canva is a great versatile tool for creating images even if you have zero ideas about designing. They have a bunch of templates and fonts that you can play around with to create an image for your Facebook posts in minutes.

Or you can also try out Crello, it’s an image creation tool like Canva too but you can go one step further and create an animated content using Crello.

While Animoto is a popular drag and drop video creation tool complete with storyboard templates for Facebook users to create a quick and eye-catching video.

6. Monitor your comments and reviews

Your Facebook page is there so people can reach you right? And they can reach you in a couple of different ways like they can send you a message (we mentioned this earlier in this list), or they can tag you or the most direct way is they can leave a comment under your post.

Now, you do not want to miss a comment. Getting likes and shares is hard enough, getting people wanting to talk to you and leave a comment? That’s even harder. So appreciate that.

People might comment a question under your post, so you have to make sure to give them an answer.

Since comments are public for everyone to see, answering a comment probably saved you 10 messages to answer cause people already got what they want to know when they’re scrolling through.

Visitors can also leave you reviews and star ratings, which can really make or do your business since Facebook is one of the top five sites that people check before deciding on visiting a business.

If you got a good review, say hey we’re glad you like us, thanks a bunch! If you got a bad review, please do not threaten them to take the review down. They can still tell people to not visit your business even not on Facebook.

Handle a bad review with one aim only, trying to solve the customer’s problem, and really mean it.

facebook page review replies

How you handle a review on your Facebook page will play a part in securing more customers.

If you can handle a bad review with grace and sincerity, and turned that into a good review instead, that would live to be a better business magnet than a simple 5 stars review.

So take every bad review as an opportunity to listen directly from your customers and improve your business for the better.

Here are some tips on how to and how not to respond to a bad review.

do and donts bad facebook page  review

Take note of the do and don’t when handling a negative review.

People who leave bad reviews are not always assholes, most of the time they’re just frustrated and tired people who want you to be nice about their problems.

7. Livecast!

Livecasts are getting bigger and more serious especially for marketers. Why? Because a live video can get six times more interactions compared to your good old (non-live) video posts.

You can start casting a live video anytime you want whether on your mobile phone or using your laptop. But you can also schedule your live broadcast and spend more time beforehand to tease your followers about it and build up the expectation.

Your followers will get a notification when you go live.

Now, what should you prepare for a live cast video?

  • 1. Choose a topic relatable and interesting to your followers.
  • Behind the scene videos are interesting, a charity event is pretty cool and I think a bring your dog to work day will be getting a lot of awws and coos and the heart eyes reaction.

  • 2. Have at least one person being the star of the live video, and another one monitoring the comments.
  • A one-man show is possible, but you would really like to have a backup. When you’re focusing on running the show and remembering what you need to say, the other team member can note down interesting comments, that you can then use to engage with your audience.

  • 3. Plan what you want to cover in the video beforehand.
  • It’s ok that it’s not totally professional looking or in 1080p, but it’s not ok if you’re just blabbering and have nothing meaningful to say. Stick with your topic and theme, make little bullet notes with what you want to say.

    You might get a little off track, but that’s okay, you can still execute a good save if you can stick back to your bullet points.

  • 4. Make it clear what your video is about.
  • Since it’s a live event, some people might be late to the party. You want to make it clear to those who tune in late about what is actually happening.

    One thing you can do is to create a clear description of your live broadcast. Who’s appearing in the cast, what’s the occasion, what’s the topic etc.

    Facebook also recommends any live videos to be at least 10 minutes long.

    So make sure you can distribute your points across the duration of the live broadcast clearly so whoever tuned in late can still catch up on what you’re talking about, and stay for more.

8. Post on Facebook story

Again, Facebook is a visual animal, ahem, algorithm. And that’s what stories are all about.

Like their counterpart at Instagram, you can upload images or short videos to your stories and they’ll be visible for 24 hours.

Unlike Instagram, where you can only upload stories from your mobile Instagram app, you can upload a Facebook story from your computer, mobile Facebook app and Facebook messenger app. So that definitely gives you bigger flexibility on how and what to post to your Facebook stories.

Facebook stories got the prime real estate on everyone’s Facebook feed, it’s located right up on the top of the Facebook app. Which means it’s basically the first thing your prospective clients will see when they come online.

The visual aspect and the fact that a story only lasts a few seconds fits nicely into the viewing behaviors of the modern users.

Here are some contents that can fit nicely into the Facebook stories format

  • Promotions and discounts – Coupon code for a 20% off.
  • New stocks/service/products launch – Stocks for the all-time-favorite item is just in, grab one now before it runs out again.
  • Business milestones – We have reached 10k followers.
  • Video clips of events you organized or attended – Attended the CES (Consumer Tech Association) 2019 at Las Vegas.
  • Behind the scene of your business operations – Britney is packing your orders to be delivered.

9. Create customized tabs for your Facebook page

If you’re programming savvy, or have a coffee deprived programmer on hand, you might consider creating a customized tab for your Facebook business page.

You will need to have a Facebook Developers account if you want to build a custom tab.

A customized tab can act as a customized landing page for your Facebook page visitors.

Instead of just showing them your wall, you can choose to show them a dedicated landing page to increase your conversion (like) rate.

According to brandglue, having a customized landing page tab had almost doubled their clients’ conversion rate.

If you don’t have enough coffee to lure in a programmer, it’s okay, there are still some tools on the web that can help you set up a customized tab with minimal programming skills.

Pagemodo is a freemium tool that offers free custom Facebook tab. They offer different themes with different tools and widgets like maps and coupons to increase the engagement rate with your visitors. More engagements more likes.

Woobox is another tool that offers to help you create a customized Facebook page tab. But unlike Pagemodo, you’ll need to provide your own HTML, and they’ll help you hook it up to your Facebook page.

10. Post on the right time

Now, all of your posts won’t mean a thing if it can’t reach your followers’ wall. If they didn’t see it, there’s literally no point right?

So, despite all the Facebook algorithms that take into account of someone’s likes, shares, and friends to decide what to show them on their wall, there’s a way to cut through and let them see your posts.

And that is publishing your posts when your audiences are online to see it.

So it all boils down to posting at the right time. You need to optimize your posting time to make sure it has the biggest reach by posting them when your followers are online.

According to the study carried out by Sproutsocial, the best time slot to post is from 10 morning to 1 afternoon on weekdays, 10 to 11 on Saturdays and for Sundays 11 to 12 or 2 to 3 afternoon.

However, the best time to post where the engagement is the absolute highest falls on a one hour window on Wednesday 12 and 2, and also from 1 to 2 on Thursday.

You can check out the full heat map below.


A Facebook page is definitely not a set it up and forgets it kind of marketing practice. If you want to grow an engaging community of followers that converts, some kind of effort is needed.

By leveraging a few tips, you can put in the same amount of effort and got a bigger return.

Do you have your own Facebook marketing level up tips? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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Updated: 7 December 2022

Lo Jia Thong

About Lo Jia Thong

A polyglot plummeted into the deep blue world of SEO and inbound marketing armed with a burning passion on letters and a fascination on how thing rolls in the world wide web.

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