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Boosting to Gain Higher Rankings as Proven by Google

By gymosphere on March 18, 2013


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Google explicitly and blatantly confirms it.

Higher Traffic does equate to higher rankings.

The thing is, how do we leverage on this? How do we take advantage to get to the top of result pages?

How do we get higher traffic?

There are a few definite ways to get higher traffic – things like pay-per-click advertising is probably the fastest way to get a whopping amount of traffic.

The caveat? It’s too expensive. And if we don’t do it carefully enough, all that money goes down the drain.
I’m sure you’ve been there. Traffic shooting through the roof like nobody’s business but then you look at your sales volume.

Absolutely pathetic. Sales are at their lowest and conversions just leave you to a point of speechlessness.

But don’t forget, that’s just paid traffic. We still have the unpaid traffic.

Google Patent - Higher traffic equals higher ranking

And the best things in life, really do come free to us.

Social Traffic

How exactly can we get higher traffic, without spending too much and getting unreasonably and disproportionately low conversions?

We let the public decide.

Social media signals are the ‘votes’ of the public, so if they like what they see, they’ll share, comment, tweet and basically generate the Internet’s version of word-of-mouth advertising.

The main reason why this form of traffic is so effective is because it filters out all your potential customers and sends them your way.

People spend wayyy too much time on social media, which is why Social Traffic is able to beat Google traffic by 428%.

Think about it.

Would you rather get 100 customers and 9 sales? Or 50 customers with 18 sales?

So How Do We Leverage on Social Media for Better Rankings?

It’s simple, we use social media and we generate more social signals.

How? Through more efficient and effective social media marketing.

Through social media optimization.

Sure, we could always like, share and tweet our own content and wait for them to multiply gradually over the week. The fact that you even bother monitoring your social signals, probably means they aren’t really that high.

You’ll probably need to get them higher — automatically.

Most recently, a new WordPress plugin claims to boost social signals automatically and easily.

We’ve tried other software such as Hootsuite and Buffer, but the thing is — they aren’t exactly automatic.

We need something easy, something automatic.

Looks like we’ve got to check out what this new automatic plugin, TaleOut, can do.

But if it truly does what it says it can do, we’re definitely willing to bet our last dollar on it.

Because very soon, we’ll be able to get higher quality social signals, better social traffic, and best of all – improved overall rankings on Google, and we wouldn’t even have to lift a finger.

*What automatic social signal generator are you using now?

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Updated: 22 February 2019

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