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How Establishing Your Brand’s Presence Can Further Boost Your SEO effort.

By yiyun on January 8, 2014

Having good On-Page SEO is vital for every website, that’s what we preach religiously here at SEOPressor. That’s the whole science why SEOPressor is created and to provide you with real-time on-page evaluation and immediate recommendation to help you improve your website content for better WordPress SEO.

In the past, SEO practitioners have been able to create content that is specifically tailored to rank for specific search terms in search engines. However, Google in particular is constantly improving it’s algorithm to make it better at recognising quality from the noise. While on page SEO still plays a very important role in deciding your SERP ranking, we wouldn’t deny that sometimes a little help from other strategies could be very much helpful.

So apart from On-Page SEO, there’s another part of the equation that heavily influences SERP ranking. Guess what. Yes, BRANDING.

Do any search on Google and you will immediately notice how brands are dominating search results. You can interchange “Brand” with “Authority”. Does this mean the end of SEO? Not even close. “Brands” are manufactured, we all know about this.

Just How Important is Your Brand’s Presence and Exposure?

Often time, when it comes to working on a site’s SEO, it is ultimately down to marketing. Whether it is to market a product or to educate people about a public service announcement, people understand that by being on top of the SERP means better marketing. From the old method of massive link spamming to content marketing and inbound marketing that are commonly practiced nowadays, every strategy will have it’s prime time and then moves on. We know link spamming is obviously dead a century ago and inbound marketing is getting it’s fair share of competition, rendering it…you know. As volatile and unpredictable the scene can be, there’s however one core idea that will never gets old, to establish a brand’s presence and expand its exposure.

Let’s consider the following:

You wanted purchase a plugin online and the choice has been narrowed down to ‘brand A’ and ‘brand B’. You did a quick search on the internet for more information about the two different brands.

The importance of brand's presence.

A search for ‘brand A’ resulted in a huge list of relevant news, articles and webpages about the brand; while a search for ‘brand B’ resulted in unorganised mentions.

Now which brand would you be more confident with? Various researches have shown that consumers are likely to stick with a brand that they understand. This tells us that dominating search with top-of-funnel information is crucial to bringing leads and business.

Now that’s a solid example of why establishing your brand’s presence and exposure is so important. This holds especially true when 92% of online users make use of search engines such as Google and Bing to find information relevant to them since 2012. Consumers nowadays are empowered to make informed decisions before buying a company’s product or service, and having a strong brand presence and exposure online would definitely give you a bleeding edge.on page seoon page seo on page seo on page seo on page seo on page seoon page seo on page seo

Now How Do I Establish Mine?

Sure, a nicely optimized web page could net you a top spot in the SERP. A veteran and experienced marketer might even be able to rank a few of his web pages for a single keyword, hence totally dominate the first page of search, but there’s a limit to how much he can achieve all by himself. And not to forget that netting a top spot in SERP is not exactly easy to begin with.

Now what if I tell you that you don’t really have to work all by yourself and there’s a way for you to net your brand a top spot in SERP by leveraging a specific strategy? Too good to believe? Now have a look at this:

SEOPressor WordPress SEO Course

Notice that SEOPressor ranks second for the keyword while the first spot is actually a press release (issued by us of course). Now I know what you might be thinking, ‘Wasn’t issuing press release a very old trick and there’s nothing new with it?’. True, issuing a press release for SEO purpose has been there for a while and this is definitely not something new, but it works…and I know where you are coming from: there’s always been a misconception on how press release can actually benefit SEO.

In the SEO industry, a press release is often linked to building massive backlinks for the eventual webspam. This has gone so far that Matt Cutts even made an official statement that backlinks from press release do not affect ranking. (We actually made an experiment to put Matt Cutts’ statement to test, you can read more about our ‘leasreepressmm’ test here. While we can’t be sure that whether a link in a press release counts or not (only Google knew that), the test showed that it still mattered to a certain extent. Anyway, backlinking is not the main topic today, let’s continue with building brand presence and exposure using a press release.

We issued a press release for the sake of building a brand presence and exposure rather than building backlinks. When your brand is often called upon when a subject matter is being openly discussed, the smart algo will increase the importance of your brand and you may just rank higher with that. In this scenario, anchor text is irrelevant, hyperlink is irrelevant, no-do-follow is irrelevant. Many labeled this “Co-Citation”.

As you can see in the example above, we got ourselves a top spot for a relatively hot keyword just by issuing an optimized press release. The key idea is to establish and expand your brand’s exposure by having your brand mentioned in multiple places and keywords that is important to your business.

Do keep in mind that while doing this, your content has to answer to the “search intent”, otherwise the ranking will be short-lived.

While some other methods like guest posting could also work, they are simply more time consuming. If you optimize your press release and have it distributed on authoritative sites like Yahoo! News, chances are you will get a top spot in SERP, just like our example above.

How Should I Write One? And Where Should I Send It To?

You do not simply write it for the sake of writing it up. Lots of on-page optimization has been done in our press release using the concepts of SEOPressor to ensure its quality and relevancy. We’ve also worked hard to answer “search intent” so the content can be the best-fit answer for the keyword we are targeting. If you spend some time to read the press release, you will notice that the press release is carefully optimized.

Now for some insider tips.

Both the press releases and the web pages were written revolving terms about WordPress SEO, in which the LSI features of SEOPressor help us quite a bit. And you’ve probably also noticed that we did not actually include that much of the keyword ‘WordPress SEO course’ in both the web pages and the press releases. Yet both of them rank 1st and 2nd for the keyword, food for thought.

So make sure you lay down the foundation of On-Page Optimization in your press release with SEOPressor before sending it out through a trusted press release distribution service like MarketersMedia.com.

“Where should I send mine?”. There are quite a number of premium press release distribution services out there, each with its own features and target audiences. As long as you do not settle for a free distribution service (good distribution comes with a price), it is up to you to decide which one works best for you.

Trusted press release distribution service.

For us, we issued ours through MarketersMedia for its right balance of quality service, quantity of outlets, best web distribution and coverage and very competitive pricing. (tips: ask about Agency Plan if you have a steady volume.)

In Summary

Press release is still useful for consumer. By providing your prospective customer with useful information at the top-of-funnel, not only will they be more likely to buy your product and service, they will also become advocates of your brand, providing the most effective and longstanding marketing strategy of them all: conversation.

Press release is also extremely helpful in further boosting your SEO effort. With an optimized press release, netting a top spot on SERP for your brand is very possible. And just like our example above, scoring a double for your brand is no longer a thing for the veterans. You too can achieve the same incredible result if you optimize your release with the “SEOPressor optimisation method” you are familiar with.


Updated: 6 July 2022

Yi Yun

About Yi Yun

Yi Yun is an inbound marketer who specializes in UI/UX. He is constantly in search of new knowledge to quench his thirst for 'how things work'.

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