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How To Seduce Your Blog Audience And Make Them Coming Back For More

By allysa on November 11, 2015


While you may not appreciate the seductive quality from your blogging or content writing, the fact of the matter is that you are titillating your audience in a seductive strut.

Writers who don’t use their alluring tendencies are really doing themselves and their readers a disservice. Who wants to read a boring copy anyway.

  • But what are some ways that you can really add in a seductive flair and keep your audience coming back for more?
  • How can you find your seductive voice that is both seductive and refreshing?
  • Where can your audience go to find a call which speaks to their soul?

It is no secret that people like to have their wheels greased once in a while. It breaks up the drudgery and makes the heart rate escalate. If you have considered introducing some sexy time for your blog audience, read on…

5 Seductive Ways To Get More Blog Audience To Your Business Website

#1: Storytelling:

All seduction really is at its core is storytelling. You are weaving a yarn and drawing in the listener or reader and as the tale unfolds you hypnotically cast them under your spell. When the storytelling is tantalizing and the verbiage is seductive then that really amps up the response from your readers.

People love storytelling because it allows them to use their imagination and it allows them to get lost in the tale that you are telling.

Even if they are projecting their own fantasies in your story, your words are the means to that end. Whether you are selling sexual lubricant or you are selling bunion cream you want your readers interest to be piqued.

There is no finer way to wrap your readers in a web of intrigue than to tell them a sensual story and get them all tantalized and ready to buy!

Takeaway: Come and think about it. What make your story sexy? Do you really have to strip everything bare naked in front of your reader, just to show how sexy you are. Well in copywriting, you don’t have to go that far. All you need to do is to find a unique angle when you’re writing about that topic.

The most important part of an article is actually the introduction. The introduction has to be irresistible enough to fascinate your readers to keep reading your article without having to click on the exit button.

A very good example would be something from the former Copyblogger’s editor, Jonathan Morrow.


Another great introduction would be something like this from Quicksprout.


#2: Thrill:

Whether we admit it or not we all want to be pushed. Even if we are as square as anything we all want to experience the thrill which comes from exultation. When we are reading something exotic and erotic, and if the endgame winds up being what we had thought, then the thrill is second to none.

So whether you are a blogger, a webmaster, or a business owner, your responsibility is to ensure that whatever you’re trying to say, you get to elicit that reaction from your readers. And that reaction can easily be achieved if you go the full monty and give them what they are seeking?

When they reach your conclusion, they should be extremely thrilled by the value that they’ve gotten out from your information. This is the kind of strong reaction that you should be aiming for as this will make them want to purchase the product or services from you immediately.

Takeaway: It is often said that generic writing will bore people to death. So, instead of just writing another generic post which doesn’t deliver any value at all, why not put in some effort and thoughts into our own writing, and craft out something that is useful and valuable to your readers.

As a writer, I always ask myself this simple question – Am I impressed with what I’ve written so far before hitting the publish button? If not, what can I do to improve on my writing so that I can deliver some actionable advice to my readers.

So, always start by writing great headlines. It is always advisable to spend more time of your time to create headlines that can lure your readers to click on the title and to read the rest of your content.

Below are some of the examples of great headlines.

Example 1: How to Be Smart in a World of Dumb Bloggers


Example 2: Five Grammatical Errors That Make You Look Dumb


Simple And Easy Ways To Writing Headlines That Work!

  • Simple tips to refer to at all times.
  • Best practices on writing great headlines.
  • Absolute checklist for all beginners!

#3: Seduction:


One of the most seductive ways to be is to be who you really are; being yourself may be the most seductive thing of all. If you have read most of the copy that is out there in the world wide web you will agree that so much of it is boring!

Business reading is boring! News reading is boring!

No one wants to hear how they “need” to have your product or service. However if you throw a little bit of the sexy kitten in there, you may get a much better response. The same is true when the genders are revered.

If you are a woman searching around for a landscaper or contractor and you read this copy which just sounds so same and boring, you are going to feel flustered and without hope. But if you find a strong, sexy, creative voice who can lead you to his own body of work, you have hit the jackpot and you can see yourself partnering with this person.


Seduction is like a spice which comes in a wide variety of flavors!

Of course seduction is a spice which comes in a wide variety of flavors and is packed in many distinct vehicles. If you find your particular penchant in the copy you are reading for a business or service then chances are you are going to keep coming back again and again and again.

Takeaway: Finding your own writing voice can be quite quite a struggle at times. However, this can be done by reading your favorite writers’ blogs. Read all their posts and study how they write. The more you read about their stuff, you will be more well aware of their writing styles and eventually you will be able to develop your own style in time to come.

So don’t feel despair even if you can’t achieve it at the very beginning, because it really doesn’t matter. Just keep on trying.

And believe me, if you’re able to hold on strong to that belief long enough, someday you will be able to write your own magnum opus. Well, and that’s the advice I read it somewhere and I’m still holding strong to that belief, myself.

Also, by reading your favorite writers’ blog, you will also be able to learn up what are some of the choices of diction that they love to use.

Depending on the context of the message, different writers tend to have their own set of diction which they preferred to use in their own writing. Such diction includes phrases, vocabulary, or how choosing the right word can bring the best expression out of a message.

  • So, if you wish to write a sexy piece of message – the vocabulary you use should be something like, ‘inviting, provocative, sensuous, romantic, arouse and etc.’
  • And if you wish to add a little humor to your own piece of writing – then the vocabulary has to be something like, ‘hilarious, entertaining, amusing, satisfying, pleasing and etc.’

So if you are able to show that you can write eloquently, that is the kind of sexiness you may want to achieve for your writing voice.

#4: Response:


Next, who among us can say that we appreciate being ignored? As one of the key intoxicants in any seduction, listening is one half of the greater whole. So instead of selling or keep on mentioning about your own products, knowing the fact that most customer are already so fed up about it, why not just turn the idea around and just sell them their dreams. Then this whole transaction will be elevated to new heights.

Takeaway: So listening to what your audience have to say is the key to getting your readers to hook up with you. Always keep these questions in mind.

  • What does your blog audience really want?
  • Who is bringing it to them?
  • Why aren’t your competitors doing their part to get your blog audience what they seek?

Of course the answer to these questions is really going to determine how successful you are at selling your brand. But if the one thing that you keep hearing is “why doesn’t anyone make anything that deals with X” and your product indeed does that, then you are already off to the races! Getting your advertising in their face to say, “this product deals with that problem you have been having,” is the best way to reach the broader seduction.

#5: Genesis:


Once you have gone through the tantalizing, thrilling, seduction where you are solving the problem they have been having forever which no one has addressed for them yet, then you are on to the task of taking the young lady home.

You have done everything possible to get to this point; you have lured them in like the snake charmer or the belly dancer. You have told them that they are going to have amazing experiences with you. You have promised them erotic action which will change their life. You have listened to their problems and created a solution; the exact solution that they have been looking for! Now it’s time to reel them in and throw these puppies down on the frying pan.

Your content then needs to have a direct, simple, and a clear call-to-action. You want to get their business; that has been your objective all along. If they don’t know where to turn once they have realize that you are the answer to their prayers, did any of it really matter? It’s like the tree falling in the woods when no one is around; if your content doesn’t lead your customers to a place where they can buy your product, your content doesn’t matter.

Takeaway: So, in this case, is either your advertising message or your call-to-action button has to be clear and direct. Tell them what you want them to do. But you also want to play the sexy games once in a while. Why wouldn’t you want to make your blog audience feel as though they are being listened to; as though your product or service fills this vacuum in their vapid, lonely lives? Where better than your business for your customers to go to fill that void?

Example 1: A very good example would from this advertisement campaign that was run by WWF couple of years ago, with a powerful message and visual. Instead of just asking people to join a popular cause to protest on the hunting of The Bluefin Tuna, Ogilvy, Paris uses a more creative approach in delivering the message. So, tuna are shown wearing panda mask with a strong and clear question, “Would you care more if I was a panda?


Example 2:


Sometimes, a beautiful website with just a simple and clear call-to-action button is all you need to get people to sign up with you.

Source: Jeffbullas

Example 3:


Don’t be shy to ask for some feedback! Just ensure that your message has to be clear and direct.

Example 4:


Wouldn’t you be tempted to click on ‘save now’ and start booking your next holiday trip!

Example 5:


See how MasterCard encourages customers to make a purchase using their cards.

Example 6:


Even if you’re offering plumbing services, you can actually emphasize your CTA message by asking customer to give you a call immediately!

As you can see from all the examples above, it really makes sense for your blogging to have a bit of that seductive parlance from time to time. People need to have their engines recharged; they need to be reminded that they are indeed still alive. If you introduce some seductive language to your copy, if you remember that sex sells, you will be just fine. Your copy will be able to shine and your readers will keep coming back to get their fill again and again.


It’s nothing new that sex sells. You may just feel as though you are a simple blogger, communicating to the rest of the world in your pajamas and this casual attitude may keep you one step removed.

But you can’t be removed. You can’t be disengaged. Your role as a seducer or seductress in chief is to keep the people coming in; keep your readers coming back! You can give people information, you can give people useful tips, you can help your readers live a better, more productive life. But you don’t want people simply reading your columns; you want to make them listen to you badly, just like seeing a shrink and you want them to believe in everything you said.

So in order to keep your readers panting and wanting for more, you need to throw in a little leg there once in a while! If you write with that sexy, seductive flair, your readers will continually seek out your voice wherever you lead them!

Here are some other topics you might find it interesting:

Simple And Easy Ways To Writing Headlines That Work!

  • Simple tips to refer to at all times.
  • Best practices on writing great headlines.
  • Absolute checklist for all beginners!

Updated: 22 May 2024


About Allysa

Allysa is always eager to learn something new whenever she got some free time and that includes SEO and inbound marketing. She also has a passion for traveling and discovering the unknowns.

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