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Improving your website visibility with Article Title Generator

By claire on December 29, 2021

Learn how to use an Article Title Generator to enhance your page traffic on the Search Engine Result Page. You will learn how to create great titles, and get to know an incredible tool called Blog Title Generator. 

What will you learn?

  • Know all about article title generator: what it is, why we need it, and how it works.
  • Know how to optimize the use of a title generator.
  • Get to know an incredible tool: Blog Title Generator.

Are you running a business and want to improve your SEO to get more customers? You probably also have a lot of things to do, and you want to find some tools to help optimize your content. 

However, there is one factor that you might forget: The title. Do not overlook it because setting it up in the right way can boost your overall website SEO.

Here’s a solution for you: Use an Article title generator to help you with the work. I would describe this tool as easy to use, saves time, and is efficient.

How can you use title generator tools to help grow and cross-promote your content? What are some of the best tips to use it?

In this post, you will learn what an article title generator is and its role, and then learn more about the optimizing process for more effective article titles.

Before we start, let’s first understand the basics of an article title generator.  

All you need to know about Article Title Generator.

What is an Article Title Generator? 

An article title generator is a tool that helps generate catchy headlines based on the target keyword of your choice. Title generator for articles is a part of content promotion strategies, which helps to increase traffic to your website. 

Why do we need an Article Title Generator? 

#1. It makes our job of finding the best article titles easier.

One fact: 90.63% of Content gets no traffic from Google (This is sad, but it’s true). 

Title generators can suggest many ideas that help attract traffic to your website. A good title highlights the main idea and sets the right tone from the very beginning of the content. It also prepares the readers for what’s coming in the blog. 

This is similar to when you are listening to a presentation, the title serves two purposes: intrigues people and grabs attention. In writing context, the title is what helps you to direct people’s attention to your blog post.

Writing a good title is tough, but don’t feel like you’re the only one who has a tough time coming up with a one – even the best copywriters throw away dozens of titles before they come up with a winner.

An article title generator helps you to find the best titles
An article title generator helps you to find the best titles

A good title generator can suggest ten and even up to a hundred titles that you can use in your articles. With automated tools as such, it is way easier to create your best title.

#2. It saves your time

There is no point in wasting time creating lengthy content if your titles aren’t compelling enough. It will be like writing an excellent book but publishing it with a bland cheap cover. 

With an article title generator, you can avoid spending hours and days digging around and creating the perfect blog title ideas for your post. 

When you speed up your title-creating process with the tool, you can save your time and spend it on other works, like your content or other aspects of your business.

You can save a large amount of time with an article title generator
You can save a significant amount of time with an article title generator

#3. It helps you to improve your SEO quickly.

As mentioned earlier, the title is an essential part of SEO. It might not have crossed your mind, but creating an SEO-friendly article title could help both your online marketing and ranking.

When optimizing for SEO, many people tend to overlook the title as a viable strategy and focus only on the content. The article title is where you can get ahead of your competitors to attract searchers from the get-go on the SERP. 

All you need to do first is create an incredible title, then eventually it will help to make your page rank higher.

You can improve your content SEO with an article title generator
You can improve your content SEO with titles

How does an Article Title Generator work?

A title generator can suggest some popular titles to get a quick start. The title generator creates titles based on your target keywords. Therefore you can use this for excellent SEO title generation. 

Here are 3 of the very best tips that you can use right now to help improve the success of your article titles.

How to optimize your work with an Article Title Generator? 

Remember that you’re not the only one using this tool. There are also many people using title generators too. 

You must choose the most relevant title for your product/service. When you choose the right ones, you can streamline the work process.

#1. Choose proper keywords from the beginning

A generator will present users with many ideas using, you guessed it, your very own keyword(s) (That’s why you need to do it right from the start).

Remember to do good keyword research before you generate a title. A low competition keyword with sufficient search volume will be the best candidate for good organic traffic.

You have some ways to do this, but I recommend one easy way:

  • Search directly on Google. 

You can simply type some keywords you want to create a topic about on Google. Then from the top 10 results, you can figure out the most common words that people use for that topic.

For example, when I choose the keyword “sunscreen.” I can see that the results are mainly about “best sunscreens.” So this will be an excellent keyword for me to target.

Examples of top titles when you search for “Sunscreen.”

2. Select the top 5-10 headlines from article title generators.

The most influential blog titles are those with captivating SEO-friendly keywords and those capable of providing value to their target audience and addressing their pain-point.

To achieve this, you need to step into the shoes of the reader and guess what they are looking for.

If you have not developed any ideas, here’re some tips. Consider having the 5 “qualities” below in your title. Remember to ensure that it fits with your product/service. 

The 5 key qualities of a great article title are: Depth/thoroughness, list/quantity, speed/brevity, freshness, and brand.

5 things people often love to see on titles and contents that you can apply when using an article title generator.
5 things people often love to see on titles and contents
  • Depth/thoroughness: 

People love in-depth content. This depth and length of your content correlate well with search rankings. If your content is more detailed than other search results, make sure to show it.

Catch the readers’ attention and gain more clicks by adding words/phrases like “ultimate,” “complete,” “definitive,” “study,” “step-by-step,” etc to your title.

  • Lists/Quantity: 

It is encouraged to include statistics in your title. You can do this by adding a number in your title, making it a listicle. 

Informal research from Canva and Ian Cleary of Razor Social suggests that including numbers in your blog titles can increase your SERP and even double your social shares.

Examples of statistics in titles
  • Speed/Brevity: 

Information overload is a real problem, especially in the digital era. One key to capturing the readers’ attention real quick is by showing how easy it is you are going to solve their problem. 

“Sell” your content with words/phrases like these in your title tag: “quick,” “simple,” “…in X minutes,” etc.

  • Freshness: 

Freshness is about delivering the most updated information. Some queries (e.g. “SEO tips 2021”) demand fresh results. Nobody is going to click a result from 2012 for such things. Add words/phrases like these to your title tag to express the freshness: “…in 20XX”, “last updated June. 27”, etc.

  • Brand: 

People tend to click on a search result from a brand they know and trust. Or, they might click on the titles that contain the name of a famous brand. 

So, if you’re remotely well-known in your industry, add your brand name to your title tag. For example, X things ___ don’t want you to know.

In essence, your title has to pique a reader’s curiosity enough for them to want to know more about it. So, titles that make people have the fear of missing out (FOMO) will encourage them to click through just to see the answer. And hey, you might even get the snowball effect of more shares.

#3. Do A/B testing

You can use A/B testing after selecting ideas from an article title generator
You can do A/B testing based on ideas from an article title generator.

After running your headlines through the tips above, you should now understand which will perform the best.

Now it’s time to A/B test your article title. Some title tags are going to work better than others. This is why it is essential to monitor your internal analytics and conversion rates to determine what is working for you and what is failing to convert.

Our Blog Title Generator can help you with the process

If you are looking for the best headline generator for your articles, you must go for the Blog Title Generator. This tool is free and can create thousands of blog post titles for every niche.

An incredible title generator for your article – Blog Title Generator.

Blog Title Generator has a simple interface but is very useful. The tool has ease of use for customers. 

It has a unique feature other generators lack – a description indicator for your keyword. Choose the best description of your keyword:

7 descriptions you can choose to match your keyword in an article title generator like Blog Title Generator.
7 descriptions you can choose to match your keyword

For example, if I want a keyword about Beyonce, I will select the “Is A Person’s Name” option from the drop-down menu. Or if I want titles with the keyword “bubble tea,” I will select “Is a brand/product.”

The terms help the generator create titles that match your keyword idea instead of just generating a bunch of random blog titles that only somewhat work with your keyword.


You must optimize your title to get the readers and social media attention it deserves. An article title generator can help you speed up your work, save time and improve your SEO score

To make your titles more appealing, remember to:

  • Do proper keywords research
  • Shortlist your titles
  • Do A/B testing

Again, keep in mind, you still need good content. Having a good SEO title won’t help much in retaining the traffic if visitors just bounce away upon reading your blog.

Ultimate Formula: Tips To Create Click-Worthy Headlines

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    We're giving you all the tips you need to master creating a powerful headline that can gain you traction, don't miss this!

Updated: 20 February 2024

Claire Le

About Claire Le

A dog lover and a travelholic. Interested in digital marketing and content creating.

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