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Keyword Rank Tracker: Track Positions & Monitor Your SEO

By claire on February 9, 2022

Keyword is a vital part of your SEO strategy. Knowing how you are doing with your keywords is as important. The keyword rank checker lets you track competitors’ keyword tactics and see how well they’re doing in organic search results. 

You will learn:

  • What you should pay attention for a higher ranking
  • Why you need to know a keyword ranking
  • Understand about keyword rank tracker
  • How to choose the right keyword for your SEO

67.6% of all clicks go to the first five organic results in the search engine. Yes, it is an insane truth. If you fail to optimize your content marketing, you’re not able to reach more potential customers. As a result, you can’t achieve your business goals. 

While doing SEO, you need to keep your eyes on your performance. But, how do you know if your keyword research and SEO strategy are working?

A keyword rank tracker provides critical insight into how a website is performing in the SERPs. It will help you get a better idea of your website’s visibility based on your target keywords.

Moreover, it is one of the most important SEO tools that you can invest in by far.

Continue reading this blog, you can find the way to rank higher, as well as how to track your keywords in an easy way with a keyword rank tracker

Why do you need to rank high on SERP?

The SERPs determine how your site appears on Google’s first page.

Since 90% of content doesn’t get organic local search traffic on Google, the need to get a higher ranking has become critical to a business. 

In general, rankings higher on SERPs will allow you to achieve more referring domains, higher page authority, or higher website authority.

These are factors that influence the keyword rankings:

  • Personalized results
  • Location/IP address
  • Device used
  • Google data centers synchronization
  • Time
  • Search settings
  • Other factors

It’s always surprising to find out how many businesses spend time and money investing in SEO without actually tracking their results. Not only do they not know where their website ranked, but they don’t know which keywords they’re currently ranked for — and if they’ve improved or decreased over the period.

If you want real results through SERPs, then you must track your website ranking consistently. This is the reason why you need to know more about keyword rank tracking.

Why do you need to know your keyword ranking?

Keyword tracking helps you determine whether your SEO strategy is working and if your optimization efforts are indeed paying off. 

It can help you monitor your rank drops: 

Keyword tracking tools can also be used to monitor rank drops and identify the cause of that decline. Rank drops typically occur because your competitors are outranking you, or it could also be due to technical errors, penalties, and similar. 

Reviewing keyword rankings is the best place to start when trying to troubleshoot such a drop. By spotting this information earlier, you can easily take the necessary steps to address that problem to avoid the same problem in the future.

It can help you monitor your competitors: 

Keyword tracking informs you which keywords your competitors are ranking for and missing out on. This allows you to make an informed decision and choose the keywords you can rank for. Keyword rankings deliver more than data of your domain’s performance. You also learn how well (or not) your competitors are ranking for your target phrases.

With thorough monitoring, you can track and analyze keywords to discover how your competitor is performing against your target keyword, Furthermore, you can find out their best performing content with the most high-quality backlinks, social engagement, and much more.

It can help you identify more keyword opportunities: 

Keyword tracking reveals how well your target keywords are ranking in the SERP. This information enables you to identify which keywords are the right choice for increasing your business or client’s visibility. By tracking the important keywords continuously, you’ll be able to identify an array of keyword opportunities based on search volume, competition, search intent, ranking pages and determine which ones to prioritize.

It can help you increase your business visibility:

Most users don’t pay much attention to the results at the bottom of the page of the search engine.

The results at the top are supposed to be the best matches, so that’s where they look for their information.

When you have a better keyword ranking, you will be closer to the top of the results. 

How do you know if you are doing well? Use Keyword Rank Tracker.

What is it?

Being successful with SEO is about making intelligent decisions. Rank tracker is a unique tool that gives you accurate insights for every optimization stage. 

A search engine results page (SERP) tracking tool helps to track your website’s SEO position for specific keywords. It shows you changes in keyword positions and allows you to compare them with your competitors.

keyword rank tracker can help to track your website’s SEO position for specific keywords.

When do you need to use it?

Most marketers will utilize this tool whenever a new marketing campaign or goal is established to improve your organic traffic.

Companies and businesses need to use SEO rank tracking software to monitor their progress. Understanding how your content ranks on SERP can help you make better decisions about the next content creation and optimization. 

For example, if you create several articles targeting phrases such as “best washing machine,” but don’t see an increase in your website performance, you can then analyze those articles to make adjustments for future content creation.

You can monitor keyword rankings for different pages to see what’s working in your business. If your keyword rankings are going up and your organic traffic is increasing, your SEO efforts are working.

Use our favorite tool – BiQ to know your keyword ranking

BiQ has 4 main features to choose from. To know your keyword ranking, you can use Rank Tracking.

BiQ rank tracking is a great keyword rank tracker

BiQ’s Rank Tracking is more like a search engine ranking monitor that tells how your keywords rank daily, weekly, and monthly across the web. 

The first step to use this feature is to create a rank tracking profile (with your domain name). Then, you’ll access your site’s ranking data as shown.

BiQ rank tracking is a great keyword rank tracker

After you know your keyword rankings, you can monitor your keyword ranking fluctuations throughout the day. These data will help you to re-strategize to boost your keyword ranking before competitors outshine you.

How to choose the right keyword rank tracker?

Rankings don’t make you money; traffic is what actually generates revenue. If you can not get the right tool and receive the relevant data, it is not worth the effort required to get more traffic.

To choose the relevant keyword rank tracker remember these things:

#1. Look at the range of features provided by the tool: 

There are a lot of features you can find in a rank tracker tool. Hence, it’s useful to know the typical features that you will use most. Of course, you do not want to waste money and receive tons of things you do not need.

Location & Languages

A good rank checker tool will help to target localized areas. This reduces the skewness of Google results, thus providing more accurate data to analyze. The best tool should be able to provide adequate data for hundreds of locations.

BiQ -  keyword rank tracker ' feature

Different locations mean different languages. It would be a plus for the tool to also support others languages.

Filter your results

You do not want to see each result manually when you receive hundreds of keyword ranking, this is when the filter feature comes in.

In BiQ’s Rank Intelligence, you can make use of the “Advanced Filter” to sort out your keyword ranking data and identify underperforming keywords.

BiQ rank tracking is a great keyword rank tracker

Support both desktop and mobile ranking

The rankings on the SERPs can vary on desktop and mobile. That’s why a great rank tracker should support the data about these two sides. 

Tagging feature to organize your tracking:

The tag feature allows you to divide relevant keywords into several groups, making it easier to track them. This is one of the added values provided in BIQ and often lacking in every other tool. 

With a tool like BiQ’s Rank Tracking, you can group your ranking keywords. For example, you can categorize them according to quality, content topic, and importance.

Quick update/custom update: 

Users would always want to get real-time information on how a site stands in SERP within one click. Instead of waiting 7 days, one expects instant ranking changes. 

The good news is: BiQ gives you daily updates. You will not miss any day of data. To see the full picture of your ranking graph, you just need to choose the correct period.

Accurate tracking:

If you are doing SEO for your clients, then you need to prove the campaign’s success by reporting to them. 

It’ll also allow you to see the SERP features and show you if your page ranks in the featured snippet, ask section, or video section. 

BiQ will snapshot the top 100 SERPs and show the users. So you will not only receive the average position, but you can also have a summary of any keywords gained or keyword loss.

#2. You should have a clear goal:

The above idea is to look at a rank tracker. You also need to identify something to decide the suitable tool from your side.

As per estimates, 90 percent of content gets no organic local search traffic on Google. That alone proves that SEO is challenging without the proper keyword ranking software at hand.

It is essential to understand why keywords are helpful for your business so that your optimization journey will be easier to go. 

During the journey, you will have some questions: Is your business looking to generate more sales or leads? To increase brand awareness or customer engagement? Depending on the overall goal, you should make a plan to generate qualified leads using specific keywords or topics successfully.

As a result, identifying your business goal at the beginning will guide you in the right direction. You know the right tool to use, then track the right keyword. Finally, you get specific results.


Your keyword rankings are an enormous part of SEO. Thus, a SERP keyword rank tracker can help you put your SEO strategy on the right track. It can show your drops and climbs and help you know your competitor’s work. From that, you can identify the keywords to focus on and get the opportunities to rank higher.

Seeing your keyword ranking and improving it from that baseline number can significantly help you get more traffic to your site. So, try out the excellent keyword rank tracker tool like BiQ to know your local ranking, and you can start your optimization plan now.

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Updated: 22 May 2024

Claire Le

About Claire Le

A dog lover and a travelholic. Interested in digital marketing and content creating.

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