Updating Your SEOPressor From V4 to V5

By gymosphere on February 13, 2013


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We encourage all users to start updating their SEOPressor to the all new Version 5. We are going to retire Version 4 soon. Most users should have no problem updating from V4 to V5 but for those who do, here are a couple of ways to do it.

Manual Foolproof Method:
1) Go to https://seopressor.com/download/download.php
2) Key in your Clickbank Receipt number
3) Enter Captcha and click on “Show Domains”
4) Make sure your domain is in the list
5) Download plugin
6) Delete the existing V4 and install V5

All your existing keyword and settings are saved, so don’t worry about them getting lost during the update.

Automatic In-built Method:
For users with versions 4.3.11 and above, you will see a link to update inside of WordPress,
(i) if your hosting allows external connection and;
(ii) if your plugins folder has the correct WRITE permission

See SEOPressor’s Settings > Update tab, it shows if you can do a one-click update or manual.

SEOPressor Plugin Update

Updated: 21 March 2018

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