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Using Open Graph Protocol to Increase Traffic From Facebook Users

By gymosphere on September 13, 2013


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We’ve noticed that as social media continues to explode, it’s now “the norm” to see a Facebook “Like” button attached to many of our client’s blog articles, products, and other website objects. When your readers make the decision to click on the Facebook Like button, a story pertaining to your website is then shared on that individual’s timeline, as well as on their friend’s news feeds, and that’s powerfully viral.

When the correct image, text description, and web link are coded into the story, this process can do wonders for your SEO, enabling you to attract an even larger following.

Facebook Open Graph protocol sets the parameters that enable you to specifically define the way in which your publications or products will appear on Facebook. But web coding can be difficult, and it’s easy for glitches to occur that could reduce the impact of your Facebook presence. That means if you do not code the Open Graph tags correctly, your images, descriptions etc will not be picked up correctly by Facebook.

Here’s a quick overview to what Facebook Open Graph can do for you, and how SEOPressor V5 can enable you to integrate it effectively into your website or blog.

Facebook Open Graph Gives You More Control

The whole purpose of your website or blog is to generate interest in your thoughts, ideas, products, or services and continuously expand your consumer audience. It’s clear, therefore, that one of the the smartest things that you can do is to place a Like button that will link back to information on your page. If one of your readers likes your post, all of their friends will see that this has occurred, and will be compelled to follow the link back to the original content, prompting further likes. This is the viral nature of Facebook Open Graph. The beauty is that you’re allowing other people to get the word out and promote your page for you.

Using Open Graph Protocol to Increase Traffic From Facebook Users
Problems can occur, though, if there’s a problem with the stories being posted to your audience’s Facebook accounts.

Let’s say that you have a popular product and that your Facebook audience is actively liking it. Unfortunately, when the story is published to Facebook, the wrong picture is being posted, or the text appears to be coming from another place on your web page. This can slow down the reach of the Facebook stories that are related to your content, create user confusion, and appear unprofessional.

Facebook open graph error

This is probably not what you want. However, you can avoid errors like these and specify exactly how your information will be displayed on Facebook if you harness the power of SEOPressor to manage your Facebook Open Graph protocol. Here’s how:

Facebook Open Graph Tags – SEOPressor V5’s Social SEO makes it easy for you to insert Open Graph tags that will manipulate the story’s appearance on Facebook. These meta tags enable you to create a title for the object being represented, a description of the object type (ie: blog, business, movie, apparel, etc.), an image URL, and the canonical URL of the object.

SEOPressor Open Graph Protocol Settings

Author/Publisher Integration – These days, it’s common for blogs and websites to run their own Facebook page separate from the author’s. Our SEOPressor V5 helps you to utilize Facebook Open Graph to share stories that point back to the original author’s Page, as well as the content of the publisher’s business Page. This enables users to “kill two birds with one stone” as a “like” and “follow” button will appear, prompting readers to “like” the publisher page or “follow” the author, if they haven’t already done so.

Action Specification – Beyond the simplicity of “liking”, Facebook Open Graph enables users to create specific actions within their applications, further personalizing the social experience and encouraging reader involvement and interactions. If an individuals bought one of your products, for example, you could choose to have the story posted to the customer’s timeline as having “purchased” an item. Musicians may prefer to share stories in which their audience “are listening to” one of their songs, whereas authors may elect to share when their audience “wants” to read one of their books or has “finished reading” a particular publication. The possibilities are truly limitless, and make the stories more relatable and engaging for Facebook users.

The rules for Facebook Open Graph ensure that users have the best experience possible while interacting with apps. Because of this, your actions must be relevant and logical, grammatically correct, user-initiated, and not simply viewed at “content consumption”. Because creating an app that falls within these specific guidelines, and entering the correct meta tags and web coding can be difficult, we are constantly working to provide our clients with the tools that they need to find success and maximize SEO.

SEOPressor V5 simplifies the creation of meta tags (even if you don’t know HTML), and the recent release of our SEOPressor V5.0.3 will enable you to take advantage of the latest Facebook Open Graph tag offerings and fully optimize your website.

See for yourself how Facebook Open Graph can boost your SEO!

Updated: 17 January 2019

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