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Google Local Pack Header May Display Brands Instead of Keyword Search | October 2021 W1

By jiajia on October 1, 2021

Hi you, don’t you think it’s great to start a brand new month on a Friday?

Let’s start the month with some fun Google updates, shall we?

  1. Google Local Pack Header May Display Brands Instead of Keyword Search
  2. Google: Inconsequential Sitemap Location in Robot.txt
  3. Directory, Article Submission, and Bookmarking Links Violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  4. Google Knowledge Panel Categories Vary Depending On Query

29/9/2021 – Google Local Pack Header May Display Brands Instead of Keyword Search

Colan Nielsen discovered that Google would alter the local pack header in the keyword position for some local keyword searches to a brand name.

Image Source: Google Search

This situation happens when there are no other Dermatology offices in that area for this location, and exact keyword search, Google will think you’re seeking the Dermatology & Laser Center of San Diego. 

This result might be an example of where Google might improve, but it also demonstrates that if you have a strong brand with the keyword search, Google can display it as the header of the local pack.

29/9/2021 – Google: Inconsequential Sitemap Location in Robot.txt

Apparently, putting your XML sitemap URL at the bottom of your robots.txt does not impact your Google Search indexing. 

On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller was questioned about whether the location of the sitemap in robots.txt will make a difference. 

In short, Google doesn’t care where your Sitemap URL is in your robots.txt file.

30/9/2021 – Directory, Article Submission, and Bookmarking Links Violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

On Twitter, Google’s John Mueller stated that directory submissions, article submissions, and bookmarking links are against Google’s webmaster guidelines.

He claims that Google considers them to be artificial links and should avoid utilizing them in your link-building strategy.

These 3 types of links were probably link-building techniques used from 15 or more years ago.

Thus, if you are an SEO beginner, you should know what to avoid. 

30/9/2021 – Google Knowledge Panel Categories Vary Depending On Query

This might not be a new thing, but do you realize that the categories or buttons displayed at the top of various information panels by Google are query-dependent?

The categories and the order Google places the buttons can dynamically change based on the query you entered into Google Search.

click for full size

As shown in the image above, you will notice the “review” buttons have moved from the end to the second position. This is how Google ensures they enhance your surfing experience. 

Out of the four news above, how much do you notice? Congratulations, if you got it all noticed, you have an extraordinary observation skills! 

Here ends our news for the week!

Updated: 19 October 2021


About JiaJia

Once you've got wanderlust in your blood, you've got it for life. JiaJia is a life enthusiast who also finds interest in digital marketing. She usually can be found eating, baking, traveling, or wandering in the world of marketing.

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