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Google Search Console Introduce “Page Experience Report” | April 2021 W4

By kaiwern on April 23, 2021

And we are back to Friday again!! Today I’ll be feeding you 5 of the below SEO news updates. 

  1. Google Search Console Introduce “Page Experience Report” and New Filter in Performance Report
  2. Moz Pro Launched New “Performance Metrics Suite” to Improve User’s Site Experience
  3. Microsoft Announces New Features: Private Search, Video Extension & Facebook Import
  4. Microsoft Soon To Come “Unified Smart Campaign”
  5. Daily Mail Filed Lawsuit Against Google Over Search Result

Scroll down below and read on as we get into each news in detail.

20/4/2021 – Google Search Console Introduce “Page Experience Report” and New Filter in Performance Report

Page Experience Google Search Console Report screenshot
Source: Google Search Central Blog

Google introduces a new report in its Google Search Console, namely,  “Page Experience Report,” and added a new filter in its Performance report.

What’s new about the Page Experience Report is that it combines the already there Core Web Vitals report with other features of the page experience signals. 

What’s great about it?

  • It highlights the essential aspects of user experiences. For example, if your page is over HTTPS, its mobile-friendliness, the current status of safe browsing, and as such.
  • Enable users to track progress through its fix validation feature.
  • Consolidates actionable data for better insights 

As for the new filter in the Performance Report, with that, you’ll be able to filter pages with a good page experience. This helps you keep track of how all the pages are compared to other pages on the same site.

20/4/2021 – Moz Pro Launched New “Performance Metrics Suite” to Improve User’s Site Experience

Just a few days ago, Moz announced its new beta feature, the “Performance Metrics Suite” within the Site Crawl toolset in Moz Pro. This beta feature enables the analysis of Core Web Vitals in bulk.

The new feature allows users to analyze thousands of URLs directly within their SEO platform. Performance Metrics Suite also provides insights on how users can improve overall on-site user experience and compare mobile and desktop performances.

The launch comes ahead of Google’s planned algorithm changes (already mentioned above), where the ranking factors will include “Page Experience.”

Moz elaborated that the Performance Metrics uses Google’s Lighthouse API to pull in all Core Web Vitals and other performance metrics to improve the page experience.

21/4/2021 – Microsoft Announces New Features: Private Search, Video Extension & Facebook Import

I sorted out four new features that Microsoft has added that I think should be given a shout-out.

  • Private Search in Microsoft Bing API
Microsoft Private Search
Source: Search Engine Journal

Microsoft is giving its users more options for privacy-first experiences. The new private search would prevent personal data from being shared with other Microsoft services. How it’s done is by making the user IP anonymous and conceal the search query.

  • New Video Extension Beta

With the new beta Microsoft announced, advertisers can now include multimedia extensions in their ads. However, the current new feature is only available for desktop, but there will be more future updates.

The video extension can be shown concurrently with other ad extensions, and they will be charged when prospects click the ad unit.

  • Facebook Ads Import

Similar to the Google Ads import feature, advertisers will be able to import campaigns from Facebook Ads into Microsoft Advertising very soon. Facebook import feature can import campaigns with a single-image format, whereas carousels and video ads import are not currently supported.

 Microsoft Soon To Come “Unified Smart Campaign”

Very soon, advertisers and business owners will be able to create “Smart Pages” to set up a website for their advertisements to use as a landing page. The website created can be used as a webpage for all their sources. Simply said, the website can act as a destination for ads run on other networks as well.

Advertisers will be able to set up campaigns where they can choose their goals and put in their URL (which could be their Smart Page but does not have to be). Advertisers will also be able to target audiences on social media with ads. Linkedin will be planned as a much later addition.

Besides that, with Unified Smart, businesses will also be able to post to their social channels and respond to queries or comments, all from the platform itself. 

Advertisers can also easily track and monitor calls and/or conversions, visits, time on site, visits to specific pages, etc., for their performances.

Daily Mail Filed Lawsuit Against Google Over Search Result

Big news on Google this week as the Daily Mail has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, claiming that Google “punishes” publishers in its rankings if they don’t sell sufficient ads through Google’s marketplace.

Of course, Google retorted that the Daily Mail’s claims are completely inaccurate. One of Google’s representatives further explained that Google’s ad tool has no bearing on how a publisher’s website ranks in Google search.

The representative furthered, “More generally, we compete in a crowded and competitive ad tech space where publishers have and exercise multiple options. The Daily Mail itself authorizes dozens of ad tech companies to sell and manage their ad space, including Amazon, Verizon, and more. We will defend ourselves against these meritless claims.”

The concerns and allegations by Daily Mail arise from its assessment of its latest coverage of the UK Royal Family in 2021, which they claimed, has been downplayed in Google’s search results.

So, that’s all for this week. Stand by next Friday for your weekly SEO nourishment!

Updated: 6 May 2021


About kaiwern

Have a love for coffee, travels, and anything horror, Kaiwern is a digital marketer who is also eager to explore the world through digitalized content.

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