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Google’s Solution To Duplicate Content | October 2022 Week 1

By sheldonwong on October 7, 2022

Welcome again to another week of SEO news. Has your week been treating you well? Do let me know in the comments below. Let’s get straight into our list of news this week. 

  • Google’s John Mueller on “link juice” 
  • Increase in the suspension of Google Business Profiles 
  • Google’s solution to duplicate content 

3/10 – Google’s John Mueller On “Link Juice”

Google’s John Mueller was asked on Twitter about link juices for inbound and outbound links. 

His response to the Twitter user was far from satisfactory. He said that anything that talks about “link juices” should be ignored, and webmasters should instead focus on making awesome websites and content. 

This seems contradictory to Google’s best practices which state that linking is good for both users and Google. 

Increase In The Suspension Of Google Business Profile 

Recently, there has been a spike in Google Business Profiles being suspended for an absolute reason. According to local SEO forums, business owners are experiencing having their profiles suspended after making minor changes such as business hours or main categories. 

Here are some examples:

The increase in Google Business Profile suspensions can also be seen through the increase in searches for the keyword ‘Google Business Suspension,” as seen below. 

Has your business profile been affected? 

4/10 – Google’s Solution To Duplicate Content 

Celebrity Net Worth asked Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison person, about one of its original content ‘r kelly net worth’ which seems to have been outranked by content regurgitators after the September update. 

This doesn’t seem right, does it? 

Well, in response, Danny Sullivan said that where your content has been duplicated by someone else, these are the things you should do: 

  • Ask sites copying your content to cite and link to your content 
  • Make it clear that the original research is yours 
  • Explain how you got your original content 
  • Ensure the details on the page show it is uniquely done 

The solution that is proposed by Danny just shows that Google does not have a solution to duplicate content. The ecosystem created by Google seems to not incentivize original content but duplicate content instead. 

The End!

What do you think about this week’s news? Do you think there is more that should be done by Google on duplicate content? Do you have solution? Do let me know in the comments below. See you next week! 

Updated: 10 December 2023


About Sheldon

Your everyday guy that loves soccer, educational documentaries and dad jokes.

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