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5 Reasons SEOPressor Is Better Than Other WordPress SEO Plugins

By gymosphere on October 8, 2013

SEO plugins for WordPress can number in the dozens. A search for your preferred WordPress SEO plugin is not an easy task, there are simply too much of available choices. The competition is stiff and comparison between plugins are made almost every single day, however SEOPressor was built not to compete with all the others.

SEOPressor was built to stand above and improve your WordPress SEO. Instead of expanding the feature list for the sake of expanding, SEOPressor focus on providing our users with what’s vital in today’s SEO. Here’s what SEOPressor does, that others don’t.

1. SEOPressor Provides Real-Time, Granular Analysis

Far, far too many SEO plugins use vague metrics to explain whether or not you’re properly optimizing your posts. There are too many “green lights” and “smiley faces” when the reality is often that you need a hard, quantifiable number that you can work with.

SEOPressor provide real time, granular analysis
SEOPressor offers real-time percentages that update and can be refreshed to see how different formatting, keyword choices, and other techniques change your optimization. As such, SEOPressor isn’t just a plugin for improving search engine visibility; it’s a tool to test different strategies for your site.

2. It’ll Stop You From “Over-Optimizing”

There’s such a thing as too much SEO “optimization.” Beyond a certain point, proper optimizing can look less like trying to organically draw the attention of a search engine and more like black hat tactics. And once you’re on the blacklist, it can be painfully hard to get off of it.

Over optimization warning
SEOPressor will help you find where you’re drawing too much emphasis, by alerting you directly, and help you trim it back until your page is optimized to be read, not annoy.

3. Latent Semantic Indexing Will Help You Improve Your Posts and Linking

LSI is essentially a process where SEOPressor looks for other keywords you might incorporate into your post for better results. After all, no topic is an island; broad knowledge of a field involves multiple topics and drawing connections between them.

LSI improve your posts and linking
LSI will help you find those connections and develop better internal and external linking by offering terms to consider. You’ll find it helps bring in more readers, and also may offer the spark that turns a decent post into a great one.

4. Automatic Smart Linking Helps Drive Relevance

Internal and external linking is crucial
Authoritative internal & external linking is crucial to ensuring your page is the most relevant for your targeted search terms. Search engines analyze the links you include to put your site in the right context, so our automatic system helps you find & use the most relevant content to drive the best results.

5. SEOPressor Adds Powerful Social Search Tools

For many blogs, their social media strategy stops when they click “Share.” But it shouldn’t; many SEO plugins fail to alert their users to specific tools that can make it easier for social media users to find their content, such as Facebook’s Open Graph tags, which help Facebook classify your links on their site, or Twitter’s cards, which can turn a simple shared link into dynamic, site-promoting content. SEO Presser even helps you build authorship on Google+, giving your results more authority.

Twitter Card - Powerful Social Search Tools
These tools can be powerful drivers for traffic, and are often analyzed by search engines to help ensure your content is relevant to the search terms you’re targeting.

SEO isn’t something you can skimp on. Try SEOPressor today, and see the difference.

Updated: 6 May 2021

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