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Automatic SEO and the other Hidden Gems

By gymosphere on May 15, 2013

SEOPressor V5 is now packed with a lot more features, many which can’t be explained in the home page alone, which is why this post had to be written.

We call these extra features our “Hidden Gems”, some of which you might have already discovered, such as SEOPressor’s Google Authorship Markup feature. These are just the bonus items that we thought could be included into SEOPressor to facilitate the user’s optimization process.

Here are a few of our favourites.

Post/Page Score Manager

Posts Pages Score

Under SEOPressor’s settings, this page alone allows an overall glance as to how optimized your pages and posts are. This page shows the SEOPressor score, post/page title, keywords used in ranking as well as suggestions to improve its score. Keywords could also be changed here in an instant.

Automatic SEO

Under ‘Automatic SEO’, you’ll also be able to enable automatic “Keyword in Post titles”, “SEO friendly post slugs”, “Decoration of keywords”, “Add ‘alt value’ to Images”, “Nofollow links”, and “Social SEO”.

Nofollow on Images and External Links

Here you basically customize what you want to be automatically optimized. Most of these are pretty straightforward:

  • Keyword in Post titles: Enable SEOPressor to automatically add your keyword to Post titles.
  • SEO friendly post slugs: Allow your post slugs to become SEO friendly.
  • Decoration of keywords: Enable your keywords to be automatically in bold, italics or underline.
  • Add ‘alt value’ to Images: Automatically adds an ‘alt value’ to images if none present.
  • Nofollow links: Enable or disable ‘nofollow’ on external and image links
  • Social SEO: Enable or disable Dublin core, Open Graph, Twitter card and Rich Snippets.

So if you just want to optimize everything quickly, just enable the ones you feel that is most necessary to you.

Automatic Post Tagging

Automatic Post Tagging

In this tab, you’ll be able to enable automatic tagging, choosing the number of tags you wish to include per post, you can even choose to blacklist certain tags such as spam words or sexually explicit content.

You can also decide whether you wish to append SEOPressor’s tags to your existing list of keywords, or just overwrite them entirely.

Single Click Plugin Update

SEOPressor Plugin Update

If you’re already updated to the latest version, SEOPressor would let you know and tell you that you’re not required to update.

Otherwise, a “Proceed with Update” button would be available for you to update the plugin.

Just remember to follow the 3 steps provided religiously:
1) Check if you have the necessary requirements to update
2) Make sure all plugin files are backed up just in case anything goes wrong during the update
3) Proceed with update by clicking the button

And these are SEOPressor’s hidden gems. Minimum score publishing and role permission settings are also part of our hidden gems — have you read them yet?

Updated: 17 June 2021

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