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Your Best Tool Yet For Keyword Planning: LSIGraph

By jiathong on July 19, 2018

Your Best Tool Yet For Keyword Planning: LSIGraph

Your Best Tool Yet For Keywords Planning_ LSIGraph

When you start writing a piece of content, you start with the main keyword, right?

How do you know what supporting points you’ll need?

What do you need to elaborate on to make sure that you’re creating the most relevant content that will rack up the most views?

How do you know for sure that you’ll rank?

This is where LSI keywords come in handy.

LSIGraph infinite

What makes LSI keywords different from just keywords?

LSI keywords stand for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. Think of it as a list of related keywords under the main keyword’s umbrella.

Now, instead of having just one or two main keywords, you can also have a list of related keywords with just as much search volume and stack it up to build a rank pulling article.

“The more LSI keywords you embed into your content — the better Google understands what your page is about.” Brian Dean – Founder of Backlinko

The point is when you have LSI keywords in your article it increases relevancy. This way, search engines can better understand what your article is about thus ranking it better.

LSI keywords are the key point of your ranking formula.

How can I get started on LSI keyword research?

Well, the obvious path would be to search for your keyword on Google and take note of the related searches.


Those are the terms that you can be sure that Google associates with your main keyword.

But doing that isn’t practical in the long run nor does it gives you much information other than a confirmed association from Google.

There is a unique keyword research tool on the market now that focuses strictly on LSI keywords. Let me give you a run-through.

What is LSIGraph?

LSIGraph is our sister site who has a database of 22 million (and counting) LSI keywords.

Simply type in your main keyword and you’ll be served with a list of related keywords. With their premium features you’ll also get access to keyword search volume, cost per click (CPC), competition, and LSV.

Let’s break these down into English.


Search Volume – You can know how frequently the phrase was searched in the last 12 months. This is important to make sure your keywords are up-to-date and relevant to your audience’s interest.

Cost-per-click – Not only content creation needs keyword planning, ads need it too. The CPC data is extracted from Google AdWords so you can be sure of how valuable a keyword is.

Competition – This shows you how difficult or how easy it is to rank for this keyword.

Latent Semantic Value – LSV takes into account the search volume, keyword competitiveness, and traffic potential from LSIGraph’s database from over six years of service. They created this algorithm that can tell you precisely how valuable an LSI keyword is. The number ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best and 0, the worst. Keywords with a high LSV will be easy to rank, relevant, and draws in a bunch of audiences.

How can LSIGraph Premium help me?

It can help you rank and rank high.

LSIGraph grants you lifetime access to LSI keywords.

Now with premium access, you can have unlimited searches. Not only that, but they will also offer you features that uncover all the accompanying data.

What this means is, you can use it for your content planning, your ads planning and serve it to all your clients too.

LSI Graph v2 features
LSI Graph v2 features Upgrade to LSIGraph Premium account to unlock all these cool features.

It is not only a keyword research tool, but it is also your keyword planning tool that can help you organize your list of keywords for each content and project you’re outlining.

Get premium access to all these features.

LSIGraph Premium Features

  • Unlimited LSI keywords search 24/7, so you can get extensive data on all the keywords’ you’ll need to rank.
  • Search volume data for the past 12 months of each LSI keywords.
  • Latent Semantic Value (LSV) that shows you the most valuable keyword to rank. More importantly, attracts those traffics that can turn into leads.
  • Export your handpicked keywords as PDF & CSV file, no more scribbling down on a notebook or relying on Google Keep.
  • Endless exclusive white-label reports which give you free rein to customize the report as you like. Yes, you can call these data yours.
  • Project manager for your every project and client, so you won’t need to frantically dig through your notebook to recall details for a March 2017 project.

The only semantic focused keyword planning tool in the market

With Google switching to full semantics search, extensive LSI keyword planning will be needed if you want to rank high.

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to write for your content to rank!

With LSIGraph premium you’ll have access to the secret vault of valuable keywords that please your audience and search engines.

The tool can be accessed for free, but the best features are only available with the premium membership.

A tip though. Since they’re launching the premium features now, early birds who sign up get a special discount!

Check out the free version to see the power of LSI keywords for yourself. And if you decide that you like it, it’s never too late to explore it further.

Discover the power of unlimited LSI Keywords

LSIGraph_ The Key Points To Rank
discover now

Update: LSIGraph Version 2 Freshly Launched

The beloved LSI keyword tool is back with an update, giving everyone better-personalized keywords to rank high!

The tool can now make searches based on more than 100,000+ locations.

We all know how Google’s search result page can differ from one location to another, so why not your LSI keywords?

Enjoy the benefits of localized LSI keywords with the new location search function.

To go along with the location option, you can now get your LSI keywords in English, Bengali, Urdu, Spanish, and much more. LSIGraph version 2 supports a total of 45 languages worldwide.

Nail that local intent with local searches on LSIGraph version 2, now better than ever!

LSI Graph language search sample

Extra Relevance: Close Your Content Gap with BiQ

Ok, say you have written a fantastic content and included your LSI keywords and hit the publish button.

Two weeks had passed and you log into your analytics and see there is still no huge pickup in traffic… well, you might still be missing just one thing.

 If you are looking to further build the contextual relevance for your content beyond LSI Keywords, the issue might be with the lack thereof certain points that make up the contextual whole. 

In other words, a content gap and usually we will do this manually, analyzing our own content to the top-ranking SERP results to see if there are any points we have missed. 

But now, there’s a much more simple way to automate the whole process. To analyze this, you can use BiQ’s Content Intelligence.

Powered by AI to compare your content and the Top 20 ranking results in your target keyword’s SERP, and let you know which paragraph needs editing to increase the overall relevancy of your blog post. 

Include LSI Keywords in these paragraphs to increase relevancy

However, don’t go overboard when optimizing your content and keep in mind to avoid keyword spamming.

The rule of thumb is to always keep them natural to your readers and create content that matches user intent! 

Grow Your Traffic And Ranking:
The Definitive Guidebook To LSI Keywords

    “LSIGraph’s LSI Keywords formula gave us awesome insights into how Google rates the relevancy of different keywords.” - Ben Fisher
  • Learn the 6 different types of keywords relevancy
  • Understand 4 LSI signals Google & Bing are looking for
  • Discover the secret formula that powered SEOPressor LSI Feature

Updated: 10 August 2020

Lo Jia Thong

About Lo Jia Thong

A polyglot plummeted into the deep blue world of SEO and inbound marketing armed with a burning passion on letters and a fascination on how thing rolls in the world wide web.

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