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How To Build A Strong Blogging Community With Good Branding

By jiathong on June 10, 2015


One of the biggest advantages that blog owners have when it comes to content marketing is the fact that they are no longer at a disadvantage when it comes to competing with larger brands.

Back when outbound marketing tactics were the only marketing tactics available, smaller companies had no chance due to their lack of resources.

Inbound marketing tactics, such as content marketing, provides smaller companies with a level playing field. It’s why companies of all sizes can successfully use their blog to brand themselves.

What exactly does this mean?

It means that through smart blogging, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand to build a strong community.

With Good Branding Comes Great SEO

Successful branding is all about making your company recognizable. By using your blog to create high-quality content that is relevant to your brand, you’ll eventually begin to attract more readers.

People will begin to follow your blog, which means that you are building trust in your brand. The more people that follow your blog, the more of a reputation you will build.

In fact, you can become an authority within your field based just on the reputation of your blog. More readers will come and they will share your content and engage with it – two things that help to boost your SEO rankings.

Google’s algorithm is big on social signals, which means that when readers comment on your blog or share it to their social media pages, the result is a better page ranking.


Source: SEOBook

How To Establish A Branded Blog

The following are a few blog brand strategies you should be sure to implement:

1. Do you understand your audience and your competition?

Without an audience, your company won’t have an identity. This means that you need to figure out who your audience is in order to establish who you are. If you begin your blog without a target audience, then you are going to end up trying to write content that appeals to everyone, which in turn results in you writing content for absolutely no one. Figure out who your buyer persona is so that you know who you are writing content for.

Knowing who your competition is can help with this as well. Be sure to analyze what your competitors are doing and what type of value proposition that they are using. This way, you can ensure that your value proposition is unique – the last thing you want to do is have a similar value proposition since this does not help you stand out from the pack. In fact, you’ll just look like an imitator, which will hurt your brand’s identity.

2. Identify the vision and mission of your blog

Before beginning to publish content, you’re going to want to come up with a vision for what you want your company to become in the future. Your vision should include what your most important products or services will be, what will be unique about doing business with your brand, how you want your customers to describe your brand and where you want your company to be in the next five years.

In addition to your vision of your brand, you’ll want to establish a mission, which defines your company’s purpose. Consider what specific market needs you need to address, what your company has to do to address these needs, what your company’s guiding principles will be and why customers will buy from you and not your competitors.

3. Determine your blog’s voice


Talk To Your Audience with your Unique Voice

The voice you use in order to write your content needs to be appropriate for your brand. It’s one of the reasons why knowing your audience is so vital. Using an excited tone with lots of common slang words isn’t going to work out well for you if your audience consists of retired homeowners. On the other side, a polite, sophisticated voice probably won’t connect with a teenage audience. Take Apple for example. They personified their voice through the use of actor Justin Long in their popular Mac vs. PC commercials.

The Apple had Ads showing people difference voice and difference value proposition

Not only did they establish their voice through a young, smart and funny casually-dressed man, but they contrasted this by giving their competition the voice of an unfunny, unlikeable and older man in a suit. This was hugely effective in connecting with their target audience – knowledgeable late teens to 30-somethings. Just remember, the voice you use has to be able to connect with your audience in a personal way – and it’s a voice that needs to be consistent throughout your content, whether it’s on your blog, on social media or anywhere else.

4. Create a value proposition


Skype Blog Free Calling with More Tricks

Your value proposition is one of the most important factors to making your brand stand out from the rest of the pack. The point of your value proposition is to present to your audience what unique benefits your products or services provide. A great example of an effective value proposition is the Skype’s blog, whose value proposition is “Skype keeps the world talking. Call, message and share whatever you want for free.” Skype is a video chat program and this value proposition is fantastic because it promises that you can use it anywhere in the world in a number of ways – and for free.

5. Be consistent forever

start a branded blog

To brand your company effectively through your blog, you must not only follow the previous steps, but you must remain consistent in applying them as well as in creating regular content for your blog. The moment you begin making changes, you’ll begin weakening your brand identity. For example, if you suddenly decide to try targeting a different audience, or you change the voice of your content, readers will get confused and your whole strategy will fall apart. Be consistent.


Your blog can go a long way in helping to establish and strengthen your brand. These are a few of the most important strategies that should use when creating content for your blog in order to increase the exposure and reputation of your company, thereby strengthening your brand’s identity and Branding also can boost your SEO effort

[This blog post was originally written and published by Brian on June 9, 2015. It is most recently updated by Jia Thong on Jun 02, 2020]

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Updated: 22 May 2024

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