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Enforce your Social SEO Strategy with SEOPressor’s Customizable Options

By gymosphere on March 1, 2013


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Social SEO is still somewhat a vague term in today’s Internet Marketing industry, but most people should be able to get a good sense of what it is. Social basically refers to ‘Social Media’ and SEO is well, Search Engine Optimization.

Put the two together and you basically get Social Media Search Engine Optimization – a combination of using social media platforms to boost your websites to the top of search engine result pages.

What is becoming more prevalent and popular is the preponderance of meta data — information search engines use to better understand online content. Many blog articles and websites have these, as it does play a vital role in improving their page rankings.

As a result, the latest version of SEOPressor now has got a few more customizability options for it’s social SEO tab, allowing users to now include Title and Descriptions to increase the relevance and allow bots to crawl and understand the kind of content that you deliver.

Using SEOPressor to Implement Social SEO


This is how the default settings look like. As you can see, things such as URL and Site Name are pretty much filled in for you, but you can easily customize your own title, image as well as description. If these fields are left blank, snippets of your article will be taken and used as the default title and description.

As for the image, all you have to do is set your desired featured image or it would otherwise take a random image from that post and use it instead.


The setup is incredibly straightforward. All you have to do is fill in the desired items (I’ll just be putting in the ‘Title’ and ‘Description’) and click on ‘Update Settings’ for it to take effect.


As you can see, the effects are pretty instantaneous. So whenever your post’s get shared on Facebook, you’d notice the customized OG Title, Description as well as featured image (in this case it wasn’t customized, which is why it shows a random image from the post itself)

Needless to say, OG tags are important for many reasons, one being the same as it is when we’re adding meta descriptions and titles for each post, so as to provide eyeballs a quick way to know what kind of content the website has before even clicking. This is exactly how it is with page titles and meta descriptions.

As such, the more relevant your titles and descriptions are to them, the more you’ll be able to enjoy higher CTRs, increased traffic and conversions as people share your content throughout social media outlets.

*Metadata is becoming more prevalent with SEO rankings – are you using SEOPressor to take advantage of it?

Updated: 25 March 2019

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