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10 Tools You Need To Build A High Converting Landing Page

By vivian on November 9, 2017

Landing Page Tools

If one of your online marketing goals is to convert leads (which it should be), then your website has to have high converting landing page. Landing pages are the pages that your calls-to-action should link to.

They are the pages that contain the forms your leads fill out in return for whatever you’ve offered, whether it’s downloadable content, a product discount or a monthly email newsletter, to name a few options.

High converting landing page should be succinct, and they should remind leads what they are doing and help drive them to action. You can also read our ultimate guide on how to create high converting landing pages.

While landing pages are the most effective pages on your site when it comes to converting leads, not all landing pages are successful in their own right. Because of this, there are a number of landing page tools that you should use to improve and optimize your conversion rates. The following are 10 essential landing page tools that you should use in just a short amount of time:

1) Unbounce

Landing Page Tools

The idea of Unbounce is to help prevent visitors from leaving your landing pages without converting. It’s a tool that lets you build an effective landing page. The name refers to the “bounce rate”, which is the term used to measure how many visitors leave your page without performing additional actions within a short period of being on it.

Unbounce is an extremely user-friendly tool, which is why we highly recommend its use. You can choose from many different templates and then customize them with a drag-and-drop function in which elements, such as images, forms, and text boxes, can simply be chosen from a side menu and dragged onto a section of your landing page. Once dragged into place, you can edit them however you want.

In addition to helping to ensure that your landing page has all of the necessary elements, it’s also responsive, which means it will have no trouble being viewed on a mobile device. Last but not least, Unbounce even provides A/B testing, so that you can determine which elements on your landing pages are the most effective at helping drive conversions.

Because of how many features Unbounce offers, it will cost you $49 a month for the most basic plan.

2) Instapage

Landing Page Tools

Instapage is another landing page building tool like Unbounce. It also offers users a drag-and-drop system along with the ability to edit individual elements. You can test your landing page creations using their A/B testing feature.

Instapage is a tool that’s particularly useful for those who don’t have a lot of technical know-how. It’s about as user-friendly as it gets due to its simplicity.

Instapage makes it easy to publish your landing pages directly to your site. They even have a WordPress plugin that lets you sync your landing pages to your site in just a couple of clicks. There’s a limited version of the tool available for free. For more options, consider their basic option, which is only $29 a month.

3) LeadPages

Landing Page Tools

LeadPages is another landing page creator tool, and it’s probably the best known of all of them. While the basic tool is a basic landing page creator, there are several higher tier plans available that provide users with more features, including A/B testing and Leadboxes.

One of the things that makes LeadPages unique, even when it comes to their basic landing page creator, is that they have tons of templates to choose from. You can sort them by landing page conversion rate, thereby giving you a good idea of what types of templates are the most effective right off the bat. These templates will cost extra on top of the service though – between roughly $10 and $15 each.

The feature that makes LeadPages more unique than other landing page tools is the LeadBox feature, which allows you to create and configure pop-up forms to display in a non-obtrusive way on your site when visitors click certain links.

4) Launchrock

Landing Page Tools

Launchrock isn’t quite a landing page creation tool. The tool helps you create what’s basically a “coming soon” page. If your setting up a site for a brand new business, such as a startup, are advertising a one-time event or your business wants to gauge interest in certain products or services, then Launchrock can be a very useful tool.

It’s user-friendly as well. Launchrock lets you choose from a variety of themes and then gives you the opportunity to edit your message however you want. A free version even provides advanced user analytics and reporting, while the more advanced version, which also provides promotion free and custom HTML and CSS features, is only $5 a month.

5) 5 Second Test

Landing Page Tools

One of the elements of an effective landing page is whether the message is clear. Your landing page should convey what your message is and why visitors should convert immediately. The inability for visitors to figure this out within a few seconds on your landing page can result in a lost conversion. This is because people generally don’t want to have to search for what they’re looking for or think about what’s on your page too much.

The 5 Second Test tool allows you to figure out whether your offer is apparent to your visitors within five seconds or not. By implementing the tool, random registered users will receive a message asking them to look at your page for five seconds and to remember as much as they can about what they see.

They will then be prompted with several questions following that five-second page. If they are unable to answer those questions correctly, then you have a problem with your landing page layout or content.

Basically, the 5 Second Test tool is a useful feature that allows you to get feedback from your users about your landing pages. The tool is available for free if you answer questions about other landing pages or you can purchase tests for $1 each.

6) User Testing

Landing Page Tools

While the 5 Second Test provides useful feedback, the User Testing tool provides much more in-depth feedback. The tool will actually record audio of the interaction that users have with your landing page. They will be shown your landing pages and will be asked to navigate through it and possible through parts of your website. They will record their thoughts out loud as they do this.

This can result in valuable feedback, especially if users don’t understand what they’re supposed to do, where they’re supposed to go or why they are even on your landing page to begin with. Because of its in-depth nature, you can even target who reviews your landing pages by selecting their age range, income range, gender, country and web expertise.

The User Testing tool is a bit expensive at $49 a video for the first ten videos, which means it’s a more realistic option if you’re expecting to make a substantial amount of money from your landing page conversions. There is a free option called “Peek”. Peek will allow users to review your site, but caps the videos at five minutes and you won’t be able to target the type of user that provides the review.

7) Olark

Landing Page Tools

Olark is a chat widget that you can install on your landing pages to help guide visitors. It’s unobtrusive and will only show up at the bottom of your landing page if a visitor chooses to expand the window. It can be very useful for determining how successful your landing page designs is since visitors will be able to ask questions if they are confused.

If you find that visitors keep asking what the offer is or how they are supposed to sign up, then there’s a good chance that your landing page is weak and needs to be redesigned.

What’s nice about Olark is that you can set it up so that a team of individuals can help your visitors using Olark in real time instead of limiting it to just a single support provider. You can also toggle it on and off, which is helpful in case you can only provide support at certain times.

8) Optimizely

Landing Page Tools

Testing your landing pages is an important way to find out what elements work and what elements don’t work. While some of the landing page tools do offer A/B testing features, not everybody uses these tools to create their landing pages. If you create your landing pages from the ground up, then you should use the Optimizely tool.

Optimizely makes it easy to test your landing pages. All you need to do is enter your landing page URL. The tool will then load your page as a new variation. You can click on elements to make changes using a variety of editing options from the menu, and you can add more variations to your A/B testing.

Once you’re done with your variations, you’ll be provided with a code to paste into your landing page’s header. Optimizely will then ensure that your landing page traffic will be split evenly between the different variations you’ve created in order to properly compare their performance.

9) Crazy Egg

Landing Page Tools

Crazy Egg is a tool that allows you to see how your visitors are using your landing pages. You’ll be provided with a heat map that’s generated by data collected based on where visitors are focusing most of their time on your landing pages (as well as other pages on your site). This can be helpful in a few different ways.

For example, if they’re spending more time hovering over content that can’t be seen unless you scroll down the page than on other parts of the landing page, then you might want to consider bumping it up to the top of the page. If they are skipping over a part of the landing page, then maybe you could do without it.

Installing Crazy Egg is easy. Just create an account via their site and you’ll be given a personal code that you can copy and paste into your site. Once you confirm that it’s been installed, your data will be tracked and your heat maps will be generated.

You could also use the Crazy Egg WordPress plugin in order to install a tracking script if that’s easier.

10) Visual Website Optimizer

Landing Page Tools

The Visual Website Optimizer tool is similar to Optimizely. They are both effective A/B testing tools. Like Optimizely, you’ll be able to create numerous variations so that you can test the performance of different elements. You’ll be able to track a number of different things, from page visits and engagement to clicks on link and form submits. For landing pages, form submits is the main metric you’ll want to compare.

Over To You

Because your landing pages are so important when it comes to converting leads, it’s vital that you put some effort into making sure that they are effective. If your landing page conversion rates are low, then be sure to turn to some of these landing page tools. Most of these tools provide stripped down versions that are free or free trials so that you can figure out which tools will benefit your landing pages most.

Taking advantage of these tools will allow you to greatly improve your landing pages, thereby increasing the potential of boosting your conversion rate. Do you have any tips to create a high converting landing page? If you’ve used some of these tools before, be sure to share your experience with other readers by commenting below!

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Updated: 22 September 2023


About Vivian

Vivian is an anthropologist lost in the world of digital marketing. She has an interest in learning about the science of marketing and the creativity that businesses use to transform themselves into purple cows.

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