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New OpenGraph Tags Added to SEOPressor

By gymosphere on July 16, 2013


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We are extremely excited to release SEOPressor V5.0.3 today with addition of the TWO new OpenGraph tags recently announced by Facebook, the article:author and article:publisher tags.

Now in what world will you be using these two tags and why should you use them?

It’s more than common now that most blogs or websites run their own Facebook page separate from the authors. In this case, when you post an update to Facebook, it should show the Publisher’s (the Facebook Page) information, as well as the Author’s (the author’s Facebook profile) information.

Here’s an example:

New Facebook OpenGraph Tags example

You are able to see article:author points to my personal Facebook URL while article:publisher points to the Facebook Page of SocialMetricsPro.

With SEOPressor V5.0.3, when you are editing a post, you will notice 2 new fields, the Publisher and Author field:

SEOPressor Social SEO Settings

What you need to do is to add your personal Facebook URL to the Author field and your site/business’s Facebook Page URL to the Publisher field. That’s all. SEOPressor will have these OpenGraph tags displayed in your source code, which will be picked up correctly by Facebook.

The Benefits? Your update will look like this in newsfeed seen by others:

article:author and article:publisher

The “Follow” and “Like” button will appear if the viewer have not “Liked” the publisher page or “followed” the author.

Now you can see how powerful it is in assisting you to grow more Likes for your page and more follows to you IN ONE GO!

Update your SEOPressor today to the latest V5.0.3 version and Enjoy SEOPressor!

Note: SEOPressor V5.0.3 is released on July 15, 2013.

Updated: 22 May 2018

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