SEOPressor Tooltips

  1. Canonical URL

    Canonical URL prevents duplicate content issues by specifying the preferred URL of a webpage. Read more about canonical links here.

  2. 301 Redirect URL

    Use the 301 Redirect URL function to redirect your visitors to another URL when they land on a particular page.

  3. Robot Rules

    Robot rules are a set of protocol language used to communicate with Google’s crawlers. It is used to direct Google’s website crawlers how to crawl and index your website. You can read more about Robot Rules here:

  4. Readability

    Readability is the measurement of how easy it is to understand your content. Content with better readability will have better reader retention rate and better ranking. Learn how you can improve your content’s readability here.

  5. SemantiQ Density

    SemantiQ density uses SEOPressor’s unique algorithm to calculate your content’s semantic relevance. You can improve your SemantiQ density by writing content that is focused and relevant to your main keywords.

  6. Title Tag

    The title tag is used to define the title of your page. This will also be the title shown on search engine’s results page. Crafting a great title is vital to your content’s SEO.

  7. Meta Description

    Meta description is a short snippet of text describing your content. This description may be shown on the search engine’s results page. A compelling meta description will improve the click through rate of your webpage.

  8. Score (On-Page Analysis)

    SEOPressor calculates the SEO score of the particular page with SEOPressor’s latest Google emulating scoring formula. You can improve your SEO score by following the on-page suggested optimization.

  9. Score (Dashboard)

    SEOPressor calculates the average SEO score of all the contents in your website. You can improve your average SEO score by optimizing all your content with SEOPressor’s suggestions.

  10. Health

    SEOPressor analyzes your entire website to evaluate it’s SEO health. To make sure your website’s health is optimum, resolve all the issues that is found by SEOPressor.

  11. Cloaking

    Cloak your links to change how it appears to your visitors. Please cloak links responsibly and ethically to prevent your website’s credibility from getting negatively affected.

  12. LSI Quota

    There is a quota for the amount of LSI keywords SEOPressor generate for each user each month. The quota is implemented to prevent spam. If you have reached the LSI quota for the month, kindly wait for your LSI quota to be renewed in the following month.

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