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Google looking to change how you manage your Google Business Profile | April 2022 week 5

By sheldonwong on April 29, 2022

Hello fellow SEO enthusiasts, welcome to another week of weekly SEO news. These are the news we have for the week.

  • Google looking to change how you manage your Google Business Profile 
  • Danny Richman creates MuellerBot to answer your questions just like Google’s John Mueller
  • Remove your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Google Search 

25/4 – Danny Richman creates MuellerBot to answer your questions just like Google’s John Mueller

Danny Richman recently created MuellerBot which is an AI version of Google’s John Mueller which helps you answer questions just like how John Mueller answers. 

Danny Richman however stated on Twitter that “This script was originally intended as a light-hearted joke, until it became apparent the responses it gave were, in most cases, surprisingly accurate and helpful.”

Even Google’s John Mueller himself tweeted that “This is surprisingly fun, and often quite on point. Thanks for making this!”

So, don’t forget to try it out, readers. 

26/4 – Google is looking to change how you manage your Google Business Profile 

Although it hasn’t happened yet, Google seems to be collecting feedback from users on changing how you manage your Google Business Profile. Google is now looking to change it so that you would be able to manage it directly in the Search and Maps. 

click for full size
click for full size

A Google spokesperson has recently said that this pop-up was an error and the notice has been removed. 

Since we are already on this topic, what do you think? Would it be easier to manage your business profiles in Search and Maps? 

27/4 – Remove your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from Google Search 

Google has now expanded its policy by allowing users to remove their personally identifiable information such as phone number, email address, or physical address, login credentials and more found in Google Search. 

When there are removal requests, Google said it will evaluate all content on the webpage to ensure that Google is not limiting the availability of other information that is broadly useful.

Additionally, Google also said it will also evaluate if the content appears as part of the public record on the sites of government or official sources. In those cases, Google won’t make removals in Google Search.

However, users should note that this only removes the information from Google Search which does not completely removes the information from the internet. Hence, users should first and foremost ask the website owner to remove the information. 

The End!

That is it for this week fellow readers. What do you think about the news? Would you try out MuellerBot? Do let me know in the comments. Till next week!

Updated: 22 May 2022


About Sheldon

A jack of all trades who is a master of none. Sheldon likes to dabble in a range of activities and often spend his days watching documentaries.

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