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Google Launched “Google Partner” Program| February 2022 W1

By kaiwern on February 4, 2022

Welcome to week 1 of February 2022 guys!

Well, I don’t have much of a starter speech so let’s hop on the SEO news for this week:

  1. Google doesn’t count links on the domain level.
  2. Google test listen & translate feature.
  3. Google tests the Lens button in the desktop search bar.
  4. Google launched the “Google Partners” program.

01/02 – Google Doesn’t Count Links On Domain Level

This isn’t really new but…

When asked, John Mueller replied on Twitter that Google Search does not count links on a domain level. This means that each link or URL counts for itself. The links won’t add up to an overall authority metric on the domain level.

This has been known for quite a while and Google has said that they do not have an overall domain authority concept. However, Google does use sitewide signals for new URLs and other purposes.

Google Test Listen & Translate Feature

Here’s a new feature that some people have been encountering (not me) lately.

The new feature that Google has been seen testing is a feature that helps searchers listen to how a company name is pronounced. You can see that there’s a microphone icon beside the entity’s name.

From what was shared on Twitter, it seems to be a feature added to the local pack. Other than that, there’s also a “translate” feature like this one below:

Google Tests Lens Button In Desktop Search Bar

Back in November 2021, some has spotted Google testing the Google Lens icon/button in the mobile version search bar. Currently, according to 9to5Google, Google is already testing the addition of the Google Lens icon/button to the desktop search results on google.com.

Personally, again I’ve never encountered this beta test yet so let’s see what we have in store in the future.

Google Launched “Google Partners” Program

Last but not least, after 2 years of delays, Google has finally launched its revamped Google Partner program! 

So what the heck is it? As Google explained,

The Google Partners program is designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. 

Its mission is to empower these companies through innovative tools, resources, and support to help their clients get the most out of their Google Ads campaigns.


The Premier Partner status gives you a new badge and other benefits such as:

  • Product betas – Receive ongoing access to the most current product betas.
  • Advanced Google Ads support – Access 24-hour advanced ads support to help you quickly and efficiently resolve your clients’ issues.
  • Executive experiences – Attend invite-only industry events, such as roundtable discussions with Google leaders, sessions with other Premier Partners, and opportunities to hear from industry thought leaders.
  • Premier Partner Awards – The Premier Partner Awards highlight excellence in digital marketing and showcase Premier Partners that help drive results for clients with Google Ads.
  • Newly redesigned 2022 Premier Partner badge – Signal to clients and the industry that you’re recognized as a leading partner with your 2022 Premier Partner badge.
  • High-value incentives – Help your clients get a better start with their campaigns with Google Ads credits.

All Google Partners and Premier Partners in selected markets, will also have the liberty to gain access to the monthly Insights Briefing from Think with Google. If you want to know more about the program, you can just head to their web page https://www.google.com/partners/become-a-partner/.

Okay, that’s all for this week and we will update you more again next week— Tata 

Updated: 9 August 2022

kai Wern

About kai Wern

Have a love for coffee, travels, and anything horror, Kai Wern is a digital marketer who is also eager to explore the world through digitalized content.

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