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Google tests five results in the local pack | October W2 2021

By janice on October 8, 2021

Wow, it’s Friday again! Time sure goes by quickly. It’s a slow news week but here’s a breakdown of our weekly SEO news:

  1. Google tests five results in the local pack
  2. Google tests search refinements in autocomplete
  3. Google search features snippets full-width design
  4. Google hints it will penalize interlinked link schemes
  5. Google local pack offers label attribute
  6. Google tests vertical line sitelinks

6/10/2021- Google tests five results in the local pack

So we know that Google’s local pack has been a 3-pack since 2015 but Google was recently testing a five-pack. Some users caught this and you can see some screenshots below. This is rather exciting as it’s been quite some time since the local pack has been changed.

6/10/2021- Google test search refinements in autocomplete

Some users caught that Google was testing placing search refinement bubbles directly in the Google suggest autocomplete. This will certainly make Google searching much more convenient. 

6/10/2021- Google search features snippets full-width design

Google Search has been testing an updated design interface for featured snippets. You can see that the featured snippet goes across the full width of the layout when it normally cuts off at the end of the search box. See below: 


6/6/2021- Google hints it will penalize interlinked link schemes

Google’s John Mueller posted a cryptic tweets this morning with a dark photo with the date, October 6 2021, imprinted on an object. 

He seems to hint that Google is claiming that interlinked sites as a link strategy is dead.

When people asked whether backlinks are losing worth, he gave a rather cryptic response of  “things were simpler then.”

It might be about Google figuring out a way to target link schemes that involve a lot of interlinked types of sites but we won’t know until more concrete information is put out

7/10/2021- Google local pack offer label attribute

Google is testing a new icon or label attribute in the local pack for “offers”. It looks like a price tag label and has the words “offer” beside it. It also shows the offer listed by the business in its Google My Business listing.

7/10/2021- Google tests vertical line SiteLinks

Google is testing a vertical format for its SiteLinks for both organic search results and search ads. 

Well, that’s it for this week folks! Have a great week and make sure to take care of yourselves. We’ll see you next week. 

Updated: 19 October 2021

About Janice

A cocoa drink and game enthusiast. Janice often spends her time reading up on the latest SEO or digital marketing news

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