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Google Adds New property To Job Posting Schema| July 2021 W3

By yeeken on July 16, 2021

Hello, how has everyone’s summer been doing? As usual, I’m back to fill you in on our weekly dosage of SEO updates. Here’s a quick view of what happened this week:

  1. Google officially treats 308 redirects as 301 redirects
  2. Microsoft Bing allows sharing of search results
  3. Google July 2021 Core Update is “effectively complete”
  4. Google adds new property to job posting schema

12/07/2021 – Google Officially Treats 308 Redirects As 301 Redirects

Google recently revised their document, adding 308 redirect together with 301 redirect. Here’s a screenshot I took from the document.

Gary Illyes from Google also confirmed this change on Twitter.

13/07 – Microsoft Bing Allows Sharing Of Search Results

Do you know, Microsoft Bing allows you to share some of the direct answers (or as Google likes to call it, featured snippets) via social or email.

So far, this appears to be for search results with Microsoft based answers only so far.

This was spotted by Praveen Sharma on Twitter.

As this was only recently spotted, it’s hard to tell whether this feature is new.

13/07 – Google July 2021 Core Update Is “Effectively Complete”

On July 12th, 1PM E.T., Google has announced that the Google July 2021 core update is “effectively complete.”

This means that it is done rolling out after 12 days since July 1st, 2021.

This was announced on Twitter.

As a reminder, this was the 2nd part of the core update that was rolled out on June.

The June core update ran between June 2nd and June 12th.

14/07 – Google Adds New Property To Job Posting Schema

Google has added a new property to the job posting schema which is called “directApply”. This is a method to enable someone from Google Search to save steps when applying for job listing after finding it on Google Search.

Google said “directApply property is an optional way that enables you to share if your job listing offers a direct apply experience.”

Direct apply experience here is defined “in terms of the user actions required to apply for the job, which means that the user is offered a short and straightforward application process on your page.”

Here’s how the flow will work:

click for full size

As they work to integrate this information to Google, you may not see any effect in Google Search immediately.

Signing Out

And that’s all for this week’s SEO updates. Stay tuned next week for more!

Updated: 22 May 2022


About Ken

A coffee aficionado who's fascinated with the world of digital marketing and SEO. When he's free, he'll be chasing plastic discs out on a field.

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