5 Types Of Social Media Content Your Audience Want

Special Offers

People have no motivation to follow you if everything you post on your pages is available everywhere. Post exclusive offers to your Facebook followers, for example. The enticement will lead them to share it with others, which will, of course, generate leads, and promote your business. It will also promote customer loyalty because, if they know that by following you on Facebook, they will have access to deals that those on Twitter or YouTube don’t get, it may prompt them to buy what you’re promoting. After all, who doesn’t like getting deals that no one else can get their hands on? Of course, do this for every social media platform, but spread out the offers. You may end up with more business than you can handle! A good example of this might be to offer them free shipping or 50 percent off a single item purchase if they subscribe to your newsletter. Use this tactic to entice deal seekers and “casual likers”

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Engaging Content

Give your followers something they can engage in with other followers. They want to feel a sense of community, of belonging. Sponsor games and contests that require voting, for example. Your followers could be asked to post photos of their pets being goofy, and your community of followers could vote on which is the funniest. Release the results on the page and the winner will receive a free product. You will also be a winner because, for the price of a single product, your advertised contest has been “shared” countless times by entrants hoping to gain votes. Now, you have strengthened your loyal fan base and gained innumerable followers, all because of a contest that cost you virtually nothing. This is a great tactic to use with your casual likers and quiet followers, and it may turn them into loyal fans.

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Inclusive Content

When you post pictures, links and video that shows you and your staff in action during meetings, working in the manufacturing plant, sharing lunch, or at play, you are adding a personal element to the mix that will keep your followers engaged. Make them feel like they are part of the company, not just customers. This inclusionary tactic will go a long way in strengthening your current consumer base by turning your quiet followers and casual likers into cheerleaders.

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Newsworthy Content

Social media users are always on the lookout for bits and pieces they can share with their followers. If they feel that your post is worth passing on, they will share it, and then their followers will become your next group of potential leads since certainly some of them will find their friend’s post to be newsworthy. As a result, they will follow the link that was shared by their friend. At the end of that link will be your business page. This could be anything ranging from a funny or inspirational quote to a funny video or picture. Remember, the more ‘share worthy’ it is, the more often the friends of your followers will share it as well.

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Follower Content

Your followers like to see their submissions recognized on your page. This is the best, simplest and cheapest (free) way to acknowledge their support. By allowing them to submit pictures and videos, for example, you are affirming their importance to you. They will get a kick out knowing that they are recognized on your site, and you will likely turn them into cheerleaders and loyal fans. Make sure, though, that the acceptance of their entries isn’t open ended. You have an image to uphold, and a presence to build, so review every picture and video before approving it on your page.

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Now that you know why you should create a media marketing strategy, the types of people you will be marketing to, and the kinds of content they are looking for, let’s break down the specifics related to each of the top ten social media sites. We will discuss each in detail and offer specific strategies to employ based on the characteristics of each social media site.

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