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[Announcement] SEOPressor’s New Website SEO Checker Is Now Live!

By vivian on May 3, 2017

Website SEO Checker by SEOPressor is now live

For the last 4 weeks, the SEOPressor Team have been working on a super-secret project and now, it’s ready to be unveiled!

We are proud to present the latest addition to our online SEO tools – Website SEO Checker by SEOPressor.

The Website SEO Checker represents the next step of evolution for the future of SEOPressor’s SEO solutions so allow me to explain it.

What Is Website SEO Checker?

Website SEO Checker by SEOPressor lets you calculate your SEO Score based on your target keyword for free.

Website SEO Checker by SEOPressor lets you calculate your SEO Score based on your target keyword for free.

The Website SEO Checker is a free online SEO tool that will do a comprehensive analysis for a given URL and a specific keyword. An SEO Score will be given along with a list of dynamic suggestions you can use to improve your SEO Score for your chosen keyword.

The tool uses the exact same SEO engine powering SEOPressor Connect – Our premier WordPress SEO plugin. The difference? It’s not limited only to WordPress users.

This means that it’s open for EVERYONE!

Website SEO Checker Features

SEOPressor’s Website SEO Checker tool is derived from SEOPressor Connect’s On-Page SEO Analysis System.

The Website SEO Checker tool is made out of a number of components:

    Start by inserting an URL and your target keyword

    Getting started is as easy as inserting your URL and target keyword!

  1. URL Box – This is where you insert the URL of the webpage you want to analyze.
  2. Target Keyword Box – You can insert the target keyword for the URL here. Target keyword is the keyword you aim to rank for in search engine for the particular website/webpage.
  3. Your SEO score is how well you will rank for your target keyword

    Your content will be analyzed and SEO Score will be generated to let you know how well you will rank in search engines.

  4. SEO Score – SEO Score is given based on how optimized the contents of the webpage to the targeted keywords. The SEO Score is calculated by SEOPressor Connect’s Google-emulating SEO engine.

    Developed from years of experiments and researches of Google’s search engine patents, it’s the closest you can get to the way Google rank results!

  5. SEOPressor suggestion lets you know correctly done optimization and things still needs improvement

    SEOPressor Suggestion tells you exactly what you need to do to improve your SEO Score and rank your content higher.

  6. SEOPressor Suggestion – After analyzing your contents for rooms of improvement, The Website SEO checker will generate a list of SEO suggestions you can use to improve your score.

    The SEO page analysis will give you 3 types of suggestions:

    • Red – Non optimized factors that need immediate fix
    • Yellow – Partly optimized factors that is good, but can still be improved
    • Green – Well optimized factors

    By following the guideline and implementing them, you’ll turn the Red and Yellow suggestion into Green ones and improve your score.

  7. Website SEO Checker will also provide you with a list of LSI Keywords

    Powered by LSIGraph, you’ll get a list of LSI Keywords based on your main keyword to further improve your score.

  8. LSIGraph Suggestion – LSIGraph Suggestions give you a list of LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords related to your target keyword. Using these LSI keywords will improve your ranking signal, SEO Score and ultimately, your search engine ranking.
  9. You can then save and download your analysis result to be presented or used for future references.

    You can then save and download your analysis result to be presented or used for future references.

  10. Download Report – You can keep your webpage SEO scores even after leaving the free SEO checker page by downloading your SEO analysis report. The report will include your URL, the target keyword, your SEO Score, SEOPressor suggestions as well as LSIGraph LSI keywords suggestion.

Advantages Of The Online Website SEO Checker

Not being limited by the WordPress platform, the online Website SEO Checker boasts a few advantages over its WordPress SEO plugin counterpart:

  • No Installations Needed! – You don’t need to download or install anything. Just type in your URL, target keyword and you’re good to go!
  • Score Your Competitors – The Online Website SEO Checker allows you to analyze and score any websites, even those you don’t own! You can take advantage of this feature to check your competitor’s SEO score and discover how much you need to beat their ranking.
  • Lite n’ Easy – No installations, no confusing interface and light on features – the Website SEO Checker let you focus on scoring and improving your page optimization.
  • Open For EVERYONE – No matter if you hard-code your own website, using Joomla, Drupal or even magically generate your website, you are welcome to use the Website SEO Checker to analyze, improve and rank your website!
  • If You Got It, Flaunt It – Successfully optimized your website and got high SEO score? Now you can easily share your SEO Score on social media and challenge your peers to beat them!

    Once you've successfully optimized your content, it's time to show it to the world!

    Once you’ve successfully optimized your content, it’s time to show it to the world!

Looking Forward

WordPress is a great platform for us to start, but we do get quite a lot of request from fans who wish that they can use our service even on their non-WordPress websites.

We do seriously consider these requests and aspire to move beyond the confines of WordPress and offer our SEO expertise to help a much wider range of users.

The Website SEO Checker is just a beginning and we plan to bring the rest of our complete SEO suite for everyone to use. Give the Website SEO Checker a try and let us know how you want us to improve it.

Now everybody can do SEO. Spread the word!

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Updated: 3 December 2022


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