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What is SEO Score?

SEO Score is a metric to measure how well your website or webpage will rank on search engines for a particular search query/keyword you are targeting. The higher your SEO score, the easier it is for you to rank high on search engine results page for that given query.

How do I choose my target keyword?

Your target keyword should closely resemble what search engine users will type when searching for topics covered by your website content. LSIGraph is a good tool to brainstorm good keywords to go with the topic you’re writing. A good keyword should have a good amount of search volume per month. For more details on doing keyword research, refer to this post.

How can I improve my SEO Score?

SEO score can be improved by optimizing your website for both search engines as well as human readers. Optimization includes using your target keyword in important part of your contents, improving its readability as well as including LSI keywords and using tags to mark your content for machine users.

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