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Everything You Need to Know About Google Knowledge Panel Today

By vivian on August 21, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Google Knowledge Graph

Everything You Need to Know About Google Knowledge Panel Today

In this blog post, the following will be covered:

  1. What is Google Knowledge Panel?
  2. What is Google Knowledge Graph?
  3. Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel
  4. How to Claim a Knowledge Panel?
  5. How Do You Get a Google Knowledge Panel?
  6. Setting Up Google Knowledge Panel with SEOPressor Connect
  7. Optimizing Your Knowledge Panel

Without further ado, let’s begin!

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Google knowledge panel larry page

All of us has come across this block on the top right corner of the search engine result page (SERP). Some know what it’s called while some don’t. For those of you who do not know, this is called the Google Knowledge Panel.

The job of the Knowledge Panel is to provide reliable rich information of entities for the users. Typically well-known entities. The information are obtained from trusted sources, in most cases, Wikipedia. Here is another example of the Knowledge Panel:

content marketing google knowledge panel

As seen above, the type of information in the Knowledge Panel is different for every entity. It depends on the information obtained from verified entities/ official representatives, schema markup on a website, Wikidata and also Google Knowledge Graph..

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

People often confuse this with Google Knowledge Panel. To refresh your mind, Knowledge Panel is the box you see on the search engine result page.

The Knowledge Graph, on the other hand, is a knowledge base used by Google and its services to provide users with results and information gathered from a variety of sources.

Google Knowledge Graph was introduced on May 16, 2012. It’s number one priority is to help users discover new information quickly and easily. The Knowledge Graph system connects as many entities to as much information available on the internet. In October 2016, Google announced that the Google Knowledge Graph encompasses 70 million facts.

To easily find out if your website stands a chance to rank for Google Knowledge Panel or any SERP features, BiQ Cloud’s Rank Intelligence is your shot at getting your website ranked on the first page of Google.

By inserting your domain and creating a profile in Rank Intelligence, you’ll be returned with results to know what keywords you are currently ranking for.

If you don’t rank for any, you can perform a competitor analysis of your competitors and gain an edge over them when you know their winning keywords!

Benefits of Google Knowledge Panel

For businesses

1. Increases Visibility

One very obvious benefit is that it helps the featured (people, businesses, events, and others) to increase visibility.

On a computer screen, the panel is very likely the first thing people will see, considering where it’s situated and its size. As for mobile phones, it surely is the first thing people see.

Knowledge Panel on Mobile

Knowledge Panel on Mobile

2. Establishes Authority

Being in the Knowledge Panel will make the featured entity appear established. All of us tend to believe information coming from the Google Search Result Pages. Many people perceived the entities are authentic because of Google putting them in the panel. It is also not easy to get a panel on SERP.

3. Higher User Engagement

When your business is featured in a Knowledge Panel, you potentially gain more engagement. You’ve already gained visibility, but the knowledge panel includes your website and social media profile.

In this social media era, every information is updated online. If the users are interested to learn more about the entity, they can engage with them by clicking on the social media profiles in the knowledge panel.

User Engagement from Knowledge Panel

Who wouldn’t like an additional way to receive engagement?

For users.

1. Quick and “Rich” Results

In the past, after you’ve entered a search query, you will just be shown a list of websites. Just a plain webpage. Now, users get plenty of useful and great quality information which includes images, social media profiles, nice-to-know facts, and related entities.

Another good thing is that the data in the knowledge graph is so good that sometimes you do not need to click on any websites and leave the page. It saves users time, which is very much appreciated by the users.

How to Claim A Knowledge Panel?

Claiming a Knowledge Panel is simple. You need to verify yourself on Google as an authorized representative.

Firstly, log in to your Google Account. Next, search for yourself or the entity you represent.

When you’ve found the panel, click ‘Claim this knowledge panel’. Lastly, sign in to one of the official sites or profiles listed in the Knowledge Panel and voilà!

Claim Knowledge Panel

Claim Knowledge Panel

How Do You Get a Google Knowledge Panel?

You’ve just checked the search engine and there isn’t a knowledge panel for you to claim. Guess you need to create one yourself then!

Here’s a fact: You cannot create a Google Knowledge Panel by yourself. Google makes the decision.

As mentioned earlier, the Knowledge Panel is usually for well-known entities or entities with high authority. However, you can try influencing Google in the following ways…

1. Wikipedia Entry

Firstly, it has got to be getting a Wikipedia page. Why? Because most of the information is obtained from Wikipedia.

Knowledge Panel Information from Wikipedia

Information obtained from Wikipedia

    1. Here are a few things you need to know:
  1. Why You Should Have/ Shouldn’t Have a Wikipedia Page
  2. How to Create A Wikipedia Page

2. Use Schema Markup to Tag Your Website Elements

The search engines had trouble interpreting the human language, that’s in the past. Schema Markup was created in 2011 and is used to let search engines understand a webpage’s content clearly.

The schema markup is a type of microdata which is not displayed on your website but in your HTML. The purpose of it is to let it be read by the search engine crawlers.

Types of schema markup include article, review, and recipe.

Types of Schema

Types of Schema

When you use schema to tag the elements of your website, such as letting Google know this is an article/ recipe/ event or review, Google can organize and interpret the available information better. As a result, it returns more relevant answers to the users’ queries.

When Google has a rough idea of your entity, it may give you a knowledge panel (depending on whether Google thinks it’s necessary or not).

Here’s an example so you’ll understand why Google will have a rough idea about your entity if you use schema markup:

Schema Markup for Blog Post

Schema Markup for Blog Post

To learn much detailed information about Schema Markup, click on the following: How to Use Schema Markup for SEO

Here are only 2 out of the 5 ways you can take to get a knowledge panel for free. If you’re interested in knowing the 3 other ways, head over to “How Do You Get A Knowledge Graph?” In that blog post, there is an e-book filled with resources you will need. So, take a look.

Setting Up Google Knowledge Panel with SEOPressor Connect

As mentioned earlier, no one can control the Google Knowledge Panel. Google decides whether or not to create a knowledge panel for an entity. But, SEOPressor helps you to prepare for the markup that Google is looking for.

Using a plugin or tool always makes things simpler. You only need to fill in the required field and you’re good to go. Here are the preview and the steps.

Setting Up Knowledge Panel with SEOPressor Connect

Setting Up Knowledge Panel with SEOPressor Connect

  • Go to the WordPress menu and click ‘SEOPressor > Homepage Settings’
  • In Homepage Settings, click on the ‘Knowledge Graph’ tab
  • Insert required details (Company Logo, Contact Number, Social Media Page)
  • Click ‘Update’ once you’re done.

It really is that simple to create structured data for Google, and, it is a one-page process only.

For a step-by-step guide with images, please visit our tutorial page.

Editing Your Knowledge Graph

Now that you’ve claimed/get/set up your Google Knowledge Panel, what’s next? Editing.

Suggest an edit

The information in your Google Knowledge Panel is automatically generated. In rare cases, inaccurate data is presented. You cannot control what Google includes in it but you can suggest better information.

Just last year, June 2018, Google started allowing entities to edit their own Knowledge Panels provided they proved they represent the entity. This is good news to entities who already have knowledge panels because it allows entities to provide better and more valuable (perhaps, insider) information.

If you’re verified and an authorized representative, you should be able to see ‘Suggest an edit’ on top of your Google Knowledge Panel. If you have multiple suggestions, you need to submit them separately.

Upon submitting, you will be required to write a short description in a response box that opens.

The short description includes clearly stating your suggested change, explaining why your suggestion is correct and should replace the existing content and lastly, include a publicly accessible URL that confirms your suggested change. Once you’re done, just hit the ‘send’ button!


The Google Knowledge Panel has definitely improved the users’ search experience. Getting important information is a quick and easy process for them. Besides users, it has also benefitted businesses, small and big, in increasing their visibility and authority.

Here’s a tip. If you increase Google’s confidence about the quality of data it receives about your entity, you increase your chance of being featured in a knowledge panel.

We’ve reached the end of this post. Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve gained valuable information today and understood clearly what Google Knowledge Panel is all about.

Is there anything that I’ve missed out or is there any area that confuses you? Let me know your thoughts down the comment section below. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Updated: 6 May 2021


About Vivian

Vivian is an anthropologist lost in the world of digital marketing. She has an interest in learning about the science of marketing and the creativity that businesses use to transform themselves into purple cows.

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