Image Optimization

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Tutorial Objectives

  • How to optimize images for on-page SEO

As everyone knows, images, flash, banners can’t be read by Google bots and search engine crawlers – only textual content.

However, images have something special known as “alt text”, which is the default text displayed should there be a reason the image cannot be seen.

Google can read these image alt texts, so we’d always have to put in relevant and meaningful descriptions for these images.

Inserting the Image into a post

So most WordPress users should already be veterans at inserting images, but we’ll quickly show how it’s done here.

Step 1: Add Media (show screenshot, highlight button)
Step 2: Upload an image from computer (show screenshot)
Step 3: Select Image and fill in title, caption, alt text and description

The title, caption, and description are read by users, but for optimum SEO for Google, make sure the alt text is filled in appropriately and includes a keyword.

optimizing an image for SEO

In the above example, the image used is meant to promote SEOPressor, and the keyword being ranked is SEOPressor.

As you can see, using images to boost on-page SEO is extremely easy and effective.

Once you’re done, find out how you can use LSI keywords to rank better here.

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