Double Your Daily Traffic In 30 Days

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MYTH : You need expensive tools and dedicated staff to grow your web business.

TRUTH: You don’t need more tools or people. You just need to know what to do next.

“So what do I have to do?”, that’s the question this course will be tackling.

Throughout the course, we will be sharing all the strategies we have used to build multiple 5-figure-a-month web properties, all through organic google traffic.

You will learn everything that you will need to double your traffic in 30 days.
You will learn everything that you will need to build a 5-figure-a-month web property.
You will learn everything that you will need to get all the FREE TRAFFIC.

So what do I need before starting with the course?

All you need is a prepared mind to absorb everything and follow through. Having some tools help too, we use SEOPressor to automate a lot of the process in this course, so make sure you have one too. If you haven’t got yourself a copy, be sure to grab one here.

How much of this course do I have to read?

If mastering the tricks to generate free traffic is what you want, we would recommend you to read this front-to-back. Each of the chapter is critical to understand the next chapter, so make sure you read and follow through from the start.

The chapters are also well categorized, so be sure to come back and revise if you need any guidance or reference on the topic.

So how many chapters are there?

There are a total of 13 chapters.

Chapter 1: Setting Up Your WordPress Site For Maximum SEO Results
Chapter 2: Guide To EXtracting Faster SEO Link Juice – The SEOPressor Way
Chapter 3: Market Research (Keyword) – The Critical Ingredient
Chapter 4: What Is Involved In Content Marketing
Chapter 5: Basic Content Strategies
Chapter 6: Creative Content Strategies
Chapter 7: What You Must Know About Content Marketing
Chapter 8: Must Do: Set Up Analytic For Your Site
Chapter 9: How do People Decide To Buy
Chapter 10: Link Building Secret – Part 1
Chapter 11: Link Building Secret – Part 2
Chapter 12: Link Building Secret – Part 3
Chapter 13: Types Of Content That You Can Develop To Build Authority & Links

The chapters are also listed out on the side-bar for easy navigation.

So where do we start? A stable SEO foundation is very important.
So let’s start with setting up your WordPress site for maximum SEO Results.

To Chapter 1: Setting Up Your WordPress Site For Maximum SEO Results

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