Types Of Content That You Can Develop To Build Authority And Links

“To rank well, build a site so fantastic that it makes you an authority in your niche.” ~ Matt Cutts, Head of the Google Web Spam Team

When starting a new site and trying to do content marketing, it’s always tempting to just do the easiest type of content and wait for momentum to build. This can kill your enthusiasm for that project. Instead, why not start with content that’s the most difficult to produce? Why not a Video, an Infographic or an Entire Course? Get creative and start well. And it’s easier to promote your site to others this way.

Always think what the end users really want, but in the end do the opposite of what others are doing in your target market. Break the pattern and you win.

Think Authority Not Sales Or Traffic.

If you are a newbie online and does not know where to start and build authority, all you have to do is find a niche that you love. One that you really love. Come on, there has to be something. Right? Pick one. Narrow it down. Then narrow it down some more. And some more. Like maybe the favorite niche you pick is, “Juggling Cats”. You can narrow it down to, “Juggling 2 Cats With One Hand”. Then you can narrow it down to “Juggling 2 Cats With One Hand While Texting With The Other”. You get the point. You can go for the longer tail keywords that way.

Research Well, Study Everything And Distribute That Information Freely.

This is the “Instant” authority formula. If you spend just 2 hours every day reading and learning about some particular topic and do it consistently every day for a year, then you are better than 90% of other people on this planet on that particular subject. Don’t you think so? Then you distribute the information, show how good you are to other people and they start trusting you more and more. And that my dear friends is the secret to developing a great career in any field.

1. Blog posts

This the most popular content in the internet marketing world it takes a while get ranked if the only content you produce are blog posts. Definitely blogs should be your top most content vehicle as it is relatively easy to produce.

2. Magazine articles

You can contribute to many other prominent online magazines that lets you leave your author profile in the article that you create for them. And this author profile will have a link back to your website. The trick here is to be good at crafting a compelling story for the article to get it accepted by a major publication.

3. Video

Videos are quite common these days. Clever, humorous or thoughtful videos can still grab a lot of attention. The best videos you can create are the ones teaching users how to do something or teaching users something that is informational. And make sure it is tagged with keywords that the intended audience are searching for.

4. Podcasts

Podcasts are usually informational conversations about a very interesting topic that you have with a person of authority. These are usually distributed free of charge and available in mediums like itunes or other online radios channels. This is an easy and efficient way of getting a good quality audience.

5. Webinars and Teleseminars

This is a stronger medium and it is semi-live. Meaning some aspects of the webinars and teleseminars are live. You can drive paid traffic to a landing page and offer a webinar teaching how to do something that is very important in your niche. Then at the end of the webinar, you basically give them a sales pitch for a product or service. Even if you don’t have a product or service, you can offer an affiliate product and give them an incentive to buy it.

6. Speeches, workshops, interviews

Translate the freely distributed multi-media contents from other famous and authoritative people in your niche into written information. Recycle it into a blog, infographic or PDF or a powerpoint presentation. Or best, translate into in all formats distribute it everywhere scribd.com, slideshare.com, free PDFs etc.

7. Tutorials, guides

This is the fastest way to build authority in your niche. Offer to teach anything and everything that your niche market wants. Then sell them or distribute them. Your peers in the same niche, well known bloggers or authority figures will tell about it to their audience and you benefit from it. Create a dedicated area in your website and offer these courses in a self-study format.

8. Infographics

Everyone loves infographics. Find an authority blog in your particular niche. Find out what their core message is. Their core mission. You can know this from the type of content they post. It may be a slightly different message than yours. Get the most important points and create an infographic. And offer that to the authority site for exclusive posting. meaning, no one else will have that infographic. If the infographic is well done, it will get accepted and they will add your link to it when posting it on their blog. And it will get shared. If they’re well done, they are also very shareable. And you will get the much needed link juice.

9. White papers and special reports

Your target market always wants access to information that is a novelty, that no one else has. That’s why you need to create special reports or white papers that no one else has. And distribute them freely in exchange for their name and email. This is a great way to build your list and as you know well known saying, “The money is in the list.”.

10. Newsletters

A great way to build relationship and make a sales offer, the key to newsletters is personalization. You can personalize content and talk to them on a one-on-one basis. Provide value 5 times and then make a sales offer the 6th time. Do not spam, only email your own list that you have built naturally.

11. Ebooks, books and products/ programs

Having products/programs/ebooks to sell is always considered an asset when it comes to content marketing. The trick that well known authority figures use to build credibility instantly is to create a comprehensive product/program/ebook that covers topics from your entire niche, even if it means including all the basic stuff. Research well and offer everything under the sun related to your niche. Get a designer to design well an amazing looking cover for your ebook/product/program. Then comes the interesting part.

Do not think about monetization. Instead think about building credibility. So offer to sell it. The price of your comprehensive everything-under-the-sun-about-your-niche product should be well above the market norm. In fact, price it equal to the creme-de-la-creme in your niche and offer no discounts at all. Have the link for it’s sales page prominently displayed in your website. This builds instant credibility. Even if you have zero sales.

The Finale

And that’s it for our WordPress SEO course “Double your Daily Traffic in 30 Days”. If you’ve been reading from the start, CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it through the entire WordPress SEO Course.

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