Guide To Extracting Faster SEO Link Juice, the SEOPressor Way

Have you wondered if there is really a secret to building links fast?

Now, you may have heard all those claim out there promising high quality links fast. You may think much of that is hype, but believe me I see it happen for my clients every day. Yes, you can get links fast and steady.

Today, I am going to show you the rules behind a successful link building campaign.

1. Avoid Fast Link Building, Adopt a Regular Pace.

Fast link building works only if you could match that rate of link building for an extended period of time. Otherwise, you are better off with adopting a pace that you could always keep up with, making your site look absolutely natural to Google. If you rush building links, get a ton of links within a short period and then stop, our friend Big G will take it as unnatural and you will be toast. Enough said.

2. Use High Converting Copy As Meta Descriptions.

Meta descriptions does not really affect SEO in a big way. But boy, does it show up in the search results as snippets. Especially that of the home page. You can do this in an instant using SEOPressor V5. Use your most persuasive sales pitch there so that someone seeing your search results will not be able to resist clicking it. His or her cursor will magnetically move over to your search result and make a click ignoring all of your other awesome but crappy looking competitors.

3. SEO Doesn’t Sell Itself. Have A Great Offer Ready.

The lady who you meet at your church gathering every friday who loves baking and teaches people how to bake irresistibly delicious low-fat cookies have an opinion that uploading sample recipes into her wordpress site will somehow make people go gung-ho and frantically buy infinite copies of her 200-page recipe $47 e-book, making her infinitely rich overnight. Sorry lady, I hate to break it to you but that’s not going to happen. Getting found is one thing, but selling is a totally different beast. One thing that always gets a sale is a really good offer. Have an incredible offer with a good risk reversal ready and have it prominently displayed. And laugh your way to the bank.

4. Creativity Matters – Do Something Different.

This applies to everything in your life and business. You can initially do what others are doing and get some results to gain momentum. As soon as you have gained some traction, try to differentiate yourself and have an unheard-of offer. That will do the trick.

5. New Doesn’t Mean Page 50.

Well, we all start at page 50 or worse. But that shouldn’t discourage you. Know the fact that 90% of all websites in the world are not following Google’s SEO guidelines properly. New sites, with recently updated regular content and proper SEO structure will get your site quickly up through the ranks and you will soon find yourself on the first page. Invest in a proper WordPress SEO Tool and you will not be disappointed. And keep producing relevant content. It’s simple but may not be easy as 1,2,3.

6. Diversify Your Social Assets.

Social media can work both as a medium that augments your search results and as an alternate medium should Google fail you. The more channels you have in Social Media, the better. Go in full force to dominate facebook, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, foursquare and many more others that are yet to come in the future. Don’t miss anything if you can. Remember, it’s an insurance against Google Penalization. And you should invest in it. And use a tool like SocialMetricsPro to measure how well you are doing.

7. Watch Out For Animal Updates.

Always watch the developments at Google and listen to Matt Cutts. Whenever Matt Cutts announces an animal update, you should stop and take notice. And make sure your website is always within safe limits. If this looks overwhelming to you, then a good wordpress SEO tool like SEOPressor is what you need.

8. High Demand + Low Competition = Profitable Keywords.

Keyword research is the foundation upon which your SEO strategy is built. Before starting on your SEO journey make sure you have identified your most profitable keywords i.e. what your customer uses when trying to find you. Invest in a keyword tool that lets you find the most high demand that has relatively low competition. You could go for the most high demand keyword having the most competition, that’s purely your choice.

And after you get started with the SEO, you will also need that to help your on-going SEO strategy to find related keywords in your niche. Google always wants to see in your website, a whole lot of keywords that is related to your target market. That makes Google think you are an authority on that particular domain. Use SEOPressor V5 to build additional Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords and include that in your SEO efforts. SEOPressor V5 allows you to target up to 3 keywords and each comes with a set of recommended LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords.

9. Faster Website Gets You Money Faster.

Faster websites load faster, reduces bounce rates and thus helps Google decide whether your website is a waste of time for their users or not. Get a faster server and move the heavy stuff over to a Content Delivery Network, use plugins like WP Total Cache if you can. But don’t sacrifice aesthetics for speed. No matter what, design and build websites for people not bots. The ideal scenario here is a stunning website that loads incredibly fast. Test your pagespeed today.

10. Make Safety Your #1 Priority.

This needs no explanation. You don’t want to waste your years of SEO efforts by getting penalized once and for all by Google, do you? Sorry for the blatant pitch, but go ahead, get SEOPressor V5 and it will help you always stay updated with all Google updates without getting into any trouble. Always safe no matter what. SEOPressor V5 built-in over-optimization warning tool will alert you whenever a slightest safety breach occurs. If you decide to get SEOPressor V5 for just one reason, let it be this.

11. Always Be SEOing.

You either grow or you start dieing as the saying goes. The same is true in the SEO world. Feed fresh content to Google and stuff proper keywords. And promote the contents via social media and build new inbound links. For many highly successful webmasters, this type of SEO work is as routine as brushing teeth. They’ll do it everyday no matter what. The CEO of SEOmoz, Rand Fishkin is one such example during the time he was growing the site. That guy blogs every day, throughout the year. Luckily for him, there are several tools that let you build contents ahead of time and drip it over the days. And you should do that too. Don’t forget to automate posting to social media too with SocialMetricsPro.

12. Go For Tried & Tested Strategy Instead Of New Tactics.

Tactics can be a fad. It comes in today, becomes obsolete tomorrow. Invest in tried & tested strategies that helps you rank higher and makes you more money in the long term. That’s why the SEO fanatics at SEOPressor implemented all the true tried and tested strategies that is used by very high-ranking websites to jump ahead of the competition. Not only that SEOPressor team maintains more than 2000+ websites in it’s arsenal just for the purpose of research to help distinguish true wordpress SEO strategies from the obvious fads that will only get you into trouble.

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