Basic Content Marketing Strategies

You can’t think of any content ideas. Yes, at times we are victim of this too. But there is a cure.

Today we are going to give you a complete strategies guide you can use whenever you are short of content ideas.

So let’s get started with some specific strategies you can use to bring up content very fast.

1. Find low competition, relatively high traffic keyword.

Fire up any keyword discovery tool and find a low competition, relatively high traffic keyword. (yes, there are still a few) and write content using that particular keyword as your headline and description.

2. Go against the stream.

Sometimes, you will need to go against the stream. Push against popular ideas with a valid point. As you distribute it, you may end up ruffling some feathers that will ultimately do some good than bad. ( Careful about the limits though – you may not want to get into a serious litigation )

3. Create free tool and resource.

Create a free tool or resource and share it. No, it’s not a PDF. Something that’s a handy tool that your market will bookmark and use whenever needed. For example, let’s say you are in the SEO market. You could build a simple, easy back link checker and host it on your site. Then promote that page to your peers or businesses in the SEO market. Some of them will eventually blog about it if they find your tool useful and you’ll start building links.

4. Blog about latest industry events.

Look for latest industry events and blog about it everyday leading to the event. And immediately after. Look for events that are very well publicized in your industry and your content should help answer questions that people interested in the event will have.

5. Get feedback from user.

Get feedback and comments from user. Turn their questions, doubts and insights into blog posts. This will help turn a comment/feedback interaction into a real asset.

6. Create content that instigates a sense of urgency.

Create content based on a headline/topic that instigates a sense of urgency in the readers – imply that the readers should read it right now.

7.Post news about your industry.

Subscribe to news in your industry and post news about recent developments. Critique where necessary. Be snarky if needed. Pour your heart out fearlessly and industry leaders might respond with a link back to you site.

8. Have virtual debate with other industry leaders.

Follow other industry leaders and have a virtual debate with them every time they put up a new content. Note : Don’t debate for debate’s sake. Create constructive arguments and defend it.

If you have never done so, please do it now. Click your own company website and view the questions and answers in the FAQ section. (If you don’t have this, see other industry leader’s websites where there are such sections). Find questions that are specific only to your industry and turn it into blog content.

9. Tell more stories.

Tell stories often. Video does it best. But it works on written content as well. The key is to be unique. Stories often get shared and people will love it. The easiest stories any businesses can tell are the customer success stories. Capture your best customer’s point of view on video and weave a story around it.

10. Always change.

Always be changing. No single strategy is considered as the Ultimate in content marketing. In fact, google loves an irregular mix of contents via different channels. Change strategies and experiment with new social media channels. That’s what organic SEO represents.

11. Focus on community building.

Focus on building a community. Always be offering rewards for joining the community. And every content piece should have a CTA not to the sales page, but to join and be part of your core gang.

12. Research and blog extraordinary feats.

Research extraordinary feats (lucky breaks?) achieved in your industry or niche. Learn how exactly did they do it. Blog about it in a “How To” type of post.

13. Blog content that relates with your keywords.

Find interesting, humorous or weird content that relates to your keywords or somehow tie them to your keywords. And make blog about that.

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