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Google’s People Also Ask now shows 2X to 3X More Results|June 2020 W2

Hey SEO peeps, happy Friday! In this week’s SEO news, you will be seeing tidbits from a podcast interview between Marie Haynes and Google’s John Mueller, as well as some new features introduced by Google and Bing that can be super helpful.  Without further ado, let’s get into the gist.  5/6/2020 – Google’s featured snippet to […]

Drive Your Shares Up By Understanding Why People Share Contents

Shares are essential to building your audience, and are one of the most influential ways you can reach new people. Individuals share articles on social media, meaning their share serves as a form of endorsement and recommendation of the content. But sharing is a much more complex idea that it may first appear, and the […]

How To Create Content People Love To Read

If you’re a content marketer or a blogger like me, you have only a few wishes. Become a billionaire! But before our dreams of becoming a billionaire realize, I’m sure we all wish that our content won’t fall on deaf ears. Wish that people come to your blog and read the entire article. And hopefully, […]

How Do People Decide To Buy?

The reason why you are doing content marketing or any type of marketing for that matter, is sales. Ultimately this is only one measure of success for any business. To achieve sales, you will need to know about your target audience, you will need to know what they think, what they like and what they […]

John Mueller’s Advice On Optimizing Images While Not Hurting Image Search Rankings |May 2021 W1

Hello people! Wow it’s already May. Time has been passing fast this year. In the blink of an eye, it’ll probably be Christmas soon. But let’s get back to the SEO news. Here’s what went down this week. John Mueller’s advice on optimizing images while not hurting image search rankingsGoogle adds links to featured snippets […]

Microsoft Ads and Google Ads Quarter 2021 Financial Results | April 2021 W5

I am feeling light on my feet because Friday is here! Here is some food for your SEO-craving big brain: Microsoft Ads and Google Ads Quarter 2021 Financial ResultsMicrosoft Advertising Birthed a Series of New UpdatesGoogle Ads API Version 7.0 Up and RunningGoogle Search Console Recently Added Regex SupportGoogle Search Central Announced New Feature in […]

Google Begins Testing FLoC In Chrome | April 2021 W2

Hey SEO peeps. It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for our usual weekly SEO news! Here’s a brief overview of what happened this week. Google starts testing FLoC in ChromeThird-party bot traffic does not directly impact Google RankingsGoogle search cameos appearing for product searchesGoogle says you can’t reduce your Google rankings in a specific […]

Google to Move the Last Batch of Sites to Mobile-First Indexing Soon | March 2021 W4

Hey SEO peeps, it’s Friday and this means it’s time for another weekly round of SEO news updates! And here’s a quick overview of what happening this week.  Google to move last batch of sites to mobile-first indexing soonGoogle on search rankings with hyphenated wordsHow to update your Google featured snippetsGoogle disputes zero-click study, shares more […]

Google Pages with CWV may have Tiny Ranking Advantage|March 2021 W3

Hey SEO peeps, it’s Friday again! Now it’s time for our weekly round of SEO news updates, and here’s a quick overview of what happening this week.  Google blocked 3.1 billion ads and introduce a new ad spot at Google Map BusinessEmojis in Google Search Suggestions & Autocomplete (🖥️ & 📱)Google: Pages with Core Web Vitals […]