Developing New SEO Content as a Marketer and Publisher

There are so many ways the Internet has seemed like a dream come true for entrepreneurs and startup companies hoping to compete with major corporations. The playing field appeared level. There were plenty of opportunities for establishing a reader base and advertising economically. It was in the presentation of the advertising campaign that the first stumbling blocks arrived. The tactics once used for radio and television didn’t apply to the Internet. Readers avoided advertising campaigns as easily as they flicked through the pages of a magazine.

There were exceptions, but the exceptions applied only when the reader was actively searching a particular product or service. Because readers do search out product information, best buys for their money and online service outlets, it was still worth manipulating the organic search engines for a high page rank. This tactic however, left many readers feeling deprived in their search. They were continuously directed and redirected to pages that did not satisfy their questions.

Today’s organic search engines are catering to what readers want, which is the delivery of fresh and interesting information in all aspects business marketing; whether it’s in professional services, specialized merchandising, industrial development, tourism or mom and pop restaurants. The reader wants to be amused, amazed, intrigued and entertained. The reader wants to be sold as much on you as on your business.

Identify with Your SEO Target Audience


Your WordPress website isn’t all about how many readers will come thundering over to check out your page. You want returns on your investment. You want concrete evidence your online marketing campaign is working. Unfortunately, holding on to this view puts you in a bit of a dilemma. Your visibility as a website depends on two factors; the human interest quality of your blog or article and the number of readers your content drives to your WordPress site. Measuring the success of your campaign solely through the number of new clientele doesn’t paint the whole picture. The monetary returns may not have been entirely within your goals, but if you have a high page rank within the search engines, you’re doing something right.

Your page rank is the engine that drives your sales. Acquiring or maintaining that page rank relies on a clear plan. Your first step is in determining the audience you want to attract. If you are selling generalized products, you’ll want an approach that is engaging to a very broad population segment. The more specified your products or services are, the more concentrated you must become in speaking the language of your projected audience.

Put yourself in their shoes. If you are selling medical supplies, your campaign may concern the technical aspects of a newly developed surgical instrument, composition of materials used for accessories and success rates. Since medical professionals lead very busy lives, this may be all the information they want concerning a product. However, if your WordPress website contained a page where medical professionals discussed the applications of the products or gave informative studies and results, the engaging aspects of your WordPress website would be the documentary articles that reviewed the application and practicality of the products.

Create Excitement

Readers are wise to overt advertising. Of course you’re going to say you have the best product on the market. They have already heard the pitch hundreds of times on radio and television. Extolling the virtues of your product is predictable. You may receive some readers who are simply looking for product information, but you won’t hit that “wow” factor of page ranking content. Your content should have a human interest quality.

Human interest is best defined in documentary articles, narratives, amusing anecdotes, short stories and personal experiences. Sponsor the type of human interest that would use your product. If you sell camping equipment, you may wish to devote your articles to camping stories and experiences using the type of equipment you sell. Don’t concentrate on keyword use of your product as much as the natural flow of the story. How many times can you say “sleeping bag” before it becomes redundant? What you want to sell is the camping experience, for along with it comes the demand for your product. An alternative to keyword repetition is the use of LSI.

If you are selling a service, place yourself within the demographics of your target audience. Along with who would be interested, ask yourself why. Picture them in the situation in which they would need to solicit your services. Illicit an emotional response. Service pages can also include how-to tips, environmental factors; such as for real estate and tourism; and personal narratives.

News Worthy SEO Content

Readers like news. They eat it up as quickly as they do mom’s apple pie, but they are a bit finicky about the news they like to read. Many companies have started sending press releases on their products and services, but the question of whether or not the public reads them remains in doubt. Press releases were originally designed for journalists pursuing a news story. If the release did not incite journalistic coverage, that’s all it remained; a press release.

A good press release will elevate a product or service into the arena of newsworthy items. It should contain something interesting about the developer or provider and whatever novel concepts were involved in the construction and delivery. It may announce the successful launching of a campaign, or the improvements made on a particular product. It should always be up to date.

The press release is a brief summary of your news worthy announcement. It should contain a link back to an article on your WordPress website or other address that serves as supporting evidence. The back link should contain the type of human interest that a journalist would normally find news-worthy. Press releases are as responsive as the sleuth that resides in all news readers. Strike the common accord of wanting to learn more, and you have a successful press release.

The Devoted Website Administrator

SEO Content

Handling the content for your WordPress website is not particularly overwhelming if you think in terms of targeted audiences. Just as advertisers targeted particular television shows for reaching their most receptive viewers, your sponsorship of SEO content reflects the types of readers who would be interested in your products or services. Be what you are. If your business centers around entertainment, be entertaining. If it takes the adventurous types, be adventurous. Whether it involves glamour, machinery, handmade candies or professional services, there’s a story. Find the human value, the natural reader response.

An active WordPress website will end up looking like a journal after awhile. It will contain archives of older, but still interesting content. Readers will browse through it because the many articles and blogs will contain personality and integrated development. If there is a comments section, they might drop in a comment on an article that is weeks or even months old. The devoted administrator will take note of when comments are added and respond to them in a timely manner.

The administrator may find it necessary to periodically sort through articles and blogs, placing some in new categories for easier viewing. He or she may wish to give priority to particularly well-written articles, highlighting them for several weeks before retiring them to other priority articles.

If you are an administrator, you should check routinely to see which articles or blogs received page ranking in the search engines. Study the message, style and delivery of the sponsored links to determine what there was about them that readers found pleasing. Maintain a close contact with your writers, explaining exactly what you’d like to see in terms of content development. Help them see your vision as part of your team.

Be open to innovative ideas. Writing SEO content takes a lot of imagination and creativity. It also takes a bit of flair. When you toss ideas around with the rest of the team for topics and type of delivery, listen to all the suggestions from the routine to over the top. Somewhere in the middle is that fabulous next article.

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