Thank you reading this book on “How to Increase Website Traffic.” We hope that you remain persistent and dedicated to achieving your goals online. One of the best things you can do in business is to simply make a list of goals, rather than going day by day and managing the status quot. When you have business goals, including in SEO and web marketing, you will see more results. You will work towards something tangible, something realistic, and will be all the more motivated to succeed. When it comes to your goals in SEO and web marketing, you must be the one to set the vision. You must be the one who knows what is profitable to you. Everything else you’ve have read about are merely obstacles in your way of achieving those monetary and marketing goals. Don’t let anyone tell you that SEO is a scam. SEO marketers sometimes pull off scams, but SEO strategy is whatever you make of it. The big corporations out there <b.don’t own the Internet. But you do have to fight twice as hard to survive in a big ocean with big fish. Using these techniques you’ve learned, and committing yourself to developing high quality original content with proper optimization, you can and will succeed in your endeavors. Congratulations on your success! Handshake SEO Success

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