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Setting Up Automatic Smart Linking

We have looked into the SEOPressor Link Manager in the previous tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will be looking into Automatic Smart Linking. This feature will automatically insert a designated URL to your keyword in each post.

Building Inter-Connected Web Pages Automatically

Step 1: Go to the WordPress menu on your left, click ‘SEOPressor > Link Manager’.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

You will be directed to Link Profile’s Health under Link Manager.

Step 2: Click ‘Automatic Smart Linking’.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Once you’re there, you shall see this:

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Step 3: If you haven’t created a Smart Linking yet, go to the next tab, ‘Add New’, which is still under Automatic Smart Linking.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Here is where you add the Automatic Smart Linking.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Step 4: Fill in the keyword that you want to be linked.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Step 5: Fill in your targeted URL.

Just a reminder, any URL that doesn’t have the same domain name as your current WordPress site is known as an external link.

Let’s say we want to have to always be linked whenever we type ‘Wikipedia’, this is how we do it:

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Step 6: Name your Cloaking Folder.

You can cloak your links to change how it appears to your visitors. However, this is optional.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

The reason why it is called ‘Cloaking’ is because your external link will be disguised as an internal link.

So even if the link’s original URL is, our system will turn it into:

When you do cloaking, you have to be careful on which links you are using. Please cloak links responsibly and ethically to prevent your website’s credibility from getting affected negatively.

Step 7: Fill in the number of times you wish for that keyword to be linked.

For example, if you have 5 keywords on that page, you might want to link only 4 of them. So, you fill in ‘4’ in the field.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Final Step: Click ‘Create’ once you’re done.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

This is all you need to create an Automatic Smart Linking.

If you need any further assistance, kindly contact our support team.

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