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SEOPressor Role Settings

In the previous tutorial, we have looked at SEOPressor Score Manager.

If you have more than one person handling the website, then Role Settings can help you to manage your team members easily by granting or limiting their access to SEOPressor.

Managing Your Team Members Access

Step 1: Go to the WordPress menu on your left, click ‘SEOPressor > Role Settings’.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

You will be directed to the WordPress Default under Role Settings.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Step 2: Turn on the SEOPressor Role Management System to be able to manage the access of your team members.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Last Step: Here, you can check on which page can each role access to.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Creating Custom Role

If the role that you’re looking for can’t be found under WordPress Default, you can create more roles in Custom Role.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Under Create Custom Role, add a name for your custom role and select which page can that particular role access to.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Once you’re done, click ‘Create‘.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

If you have more things to edit after creating a Custom Role, you can go to the next tab, Edit Custom Role to change the settings.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

You can also assign your team members to be in a particular role.

Assigning Your Team Members To A Role

To do that, go to the last tab, ‘Assign Custom Role‘.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

Fill in the Username, and click ‘Add User‘ once you’re done.

SEOPressor Connect Tutorial

That’s all you need to manage your team members’ accessibility.

If you need any further assistance, kindly contact our support team.

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