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Inbound Marketing: Attract Customers Who ACTUALLY Want To Buy From You

The Internet is fundamentally unlike any other communications medium in the history of mankind, so it’s no surprise that it requires a totally new method of marketing to go with it! This was one of the first things that businesses looking to expand themselves online came to discover: Methods of marketing and outreach that worked in the offline world were not nearly as effective when moved online. Online activities inspired different mindsets in the users, …

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The Science Of Emotion: 4 Keys To Effective Social Media Marketing

We all get emotional. It’s hardwired into us. Get ready, because we’re going to have to go down the rabbit hole a little bit here. Once we come out the other side, you’ll be armed with a great understanding of the science of emotion and what emotion can do for you as a marketer for your social media marketing strategies. So why do we have emotions? Where do they come from? Fascinatingly, we still haven’t …

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Drive Your Shares Up By Understanding Why People Share Contents

Shares are essential to building your audience, and are one of the most influential ways you can reach new people. Individuals share articles on social media, meaning their share serves as a form of endorsement and recommendation of the content. But sharing is a much more complex idea that it may first appear, and the reasons behind sharing are as diverse and varied as the individuals sharing. By understanding why people share content, we as …

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Instagram Marketing: Marketer’s Guide To Instagram For Business

Instagram is a big deal. Instagram exceeded 500 million users in January this year and has continued to grow from strength to strength. Everyday, I get a new notification: “Your friend has joined Instagram”. Users are flocking to the social network. Businesses aren’t. This means there’s a huge opportunity available to use Instagram for business as a marketing tool. A market with relatively low competition for the attention of a huge audience. I want you …

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6 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

There are no social media. It’s sharing media now. And that’s a huge opportunity. People used to use social media to post personal information about their lives, challenges they faced, or even just gym selfies. Today, they post about news, the brands they love, the pets they love, the destinations they love. And it’s changing all the time. Social media is fluidly dynamic – behaviour is shaping technology at the same time as technology is …

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Snapchat For Business: The Ultimate Guide For Marketers

Chances are you have heard of Snapchat, but probably have not paid too much attention to it. As one of the younger social media networks (founded in 2011), it was likewise seen as being for younger users, and as such was generally off the radar of most brands looking for marketing outlets.spo However, in just a little over five years, Snapchat has amassed some truly impressive user statistics that have started turning the heads of …

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12 Biggest Social Media Marketing Changes In 2016

You might know everything there is to know about social media marketing. But social media platforms are constantly evolving, and so should your knowledge and understanding of them. 2016 brings forth an exciting mix of new additions and improvements as top social media companies innovate, tweaks or even acquire new features and functionality. Let’s have a look at how social media is going to change in 2016 and how it will affect your social media …

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Marketer’s Guide To Google Plus Communities

Previously I have written about how Google Plus is a very powerful tool when it comes to getting traffic and exposure. Not only referral traffic mind you, promoting content on Google Plus can also increase organic traffic to your site. While there are tons of cool stuff on Google Plus that separates them from other social media platform, what really makes Google Plus awesome, is the Community feature. Why Use Google Plus Community? Groups or …

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The Ultimate Guide to Marketing on Google Plus

When Google+ first showed up on the social media scene, it wasn’t just regarded as the newcomer, it was often looked down upon as a poser, a Facebook wannabe. It’s not too difficult to see why there was such a negative perception of Google+ at the time – the (what seemed like) overnight success of Facebook made it look like Google was just trying to cash in. However, as the years passed, it became very …

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How To Market Your Business On LinkedIn

I know, I know – there are dozens of social media sites that are worth marketing on and that I’ve probably recommended you use. For most small businesses, marketing on all the major social channels, not to mention some of the more niche social channels, probably isn’t a realistic endeavour considering the resources required to do so effectively. Because of this, it’s important to figure out what social channels your audience is using. However, if …

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