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What Is Anchor Text In SEO and 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid

What Is Anchor Text In SEO and 5 Deadly Mistakes To Avoid Anchor text is… This is anchor text Click on it. It brought you to another web page right? That, is exactly what an anchor text is. It is the visible, clickable part of a hyperlink. There are 8 categories of anchor text, let’s see what they are: 1.Exact match: If someone links to this article with the anchor text being ”anchor text”, that …

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7 CTA Best Practices to Increase Your Funnel Conversion Rate

Call-to-action (CTA) is unarguably important to shift audience from one end of the funnel to the other. It’s unlikely that a prospect will buy your product before they have signed up to be a subscriber. And what pushes them from being a subscriber to a client is the CTA. However, the art of CTA is not simple to master. Trying to engage potential customers in a purchase too early you risk intimidating them. Offer them …

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How Google Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph Shaped Search

How Google Hummingbird and Knowledge Graph Shaped Search Google started as a search engine ”To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” That is the goal of Google as a company. Despite their venture into other technology. From producing smartphones to being the major digital advertisement provider. Google’s root stems from search, while search stems from data and user intent. 96% of Google’s income comes from ads. Around 70% from Adwords …

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5 Reasons Your Page Is Not Indexed On Google Search and How to Fix It

5 Reasons Your Page Is Not Indexed On Google Search and How to Fix It After hours of coding, writing, designing and optimizing, finally, a new web page has gone live. But hey, why is it not appearing in Google Search? What have I done wrong? Why does Google hate me? Now, now, we have all been there before. And I have learned to give it at least a day or two before trying to …

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5 Google SERP Features That Can Give You Tons of Traffic

With how dynamic the SERP results (Search Engine Result Page) has become, there’s actually much more than being ranked first. Now, there are more ways to appear on the Google SERP other than being a blue link. Especially more so on mobile. So today I’m sharing with you a list of SERP features that you should target on. Five plus one extra. What are SERP features? Other than the standard blue links, Google is offering …

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SEO for JavaScript-powered websites (Google IO 18 summary)

SEO for JavaScript-powered websites (Google IO 18 summary) In the recent Google I/O 18, Tom Greenaway and John Muller of Google presented a session about making your modern JavaScript powered websites search friendly. A list of best practices, useful tools, and Google policy change was discussed. The duo also shed some light (which Google is usually stingy about) on how the crawl and index process work. If you don’t want to spend 40 minutes watching …

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Lower Bounce Rate

10 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Lower Bounce Rate? I’m gonna start off by asking you a question, do you know how high is considered high? What is good bounce rate? Here’s the benchmark average bounce rate according to web page types by Quicksprout. The reason we’re looking at this is that having a high bounce rate doesn’t necessarily means bad. Google won’t push your page to the depths of the SERP if you …

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What is AMP Project: A Breakdown

WHAT IS AMP PROJECT: A BREAKDOWN AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Contents. It is a website building framework aimed to optimize web pages for mobile views by creating lightweight pages and ensuring a fast load time on users end. The open source AMP Project was announced on October 7, 2015. First unveiled to mobile internet users in February 2016 via the top stories session in Google search. And finally, in September users are being served …

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An Evolution of SEO Techniques – What’s in and what’s out

Like how the world wide web has been rapidly growing since its creation, the same could be said on SEO. What might be working 5 years ago might have lost half of its credibility today. With the one and almost only search engine giant Google pumping out new lines to its algorithm every day, you can only imagine that all SEOs are kept on their toes all the time. Here I have compiled a list …

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What Is User Experience and Why It Concerns Your Website

What is user experience and why it concerns your website? If you’re using Google Analytics, you will have access to a bunch of data that came from Google monitoring the user experience of your visitors. Those data are used to gauge your website performance and also play a role in your SERP. In this blog post we are going to talk about: what is user experience, how does it affect SEO, how to check your …

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