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Google Increases Titles and Meta Descriptions Length

In case you haven’t noticed, Google has made significant changes to the titles and meta descriptions length on the Google Search Results. More characters for both titles and meta descriptions are displayed in the search results now compared to the previous weeks. What Are The Changes? The first noticeable change would be the space of Google Search Results. To compare it with before Google made the changes, the latest search results is now 600 pixels …

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How Voice Search Could Change The Future Of SEO

Do you own a smartphone or maybe some other mobile devices? Most probably you do. It may sound obvious but the amount of people owning a smartphone is increasing. Surveys conducted by Pew Research Center shows smartphone ownership in America has significantly increased compared to the previous years. The increase in smartphone usage will surely affect SEO in the future especially with the rising trend of voice search usage. Why Mobile Search is going to …

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How To Use LSI Keywords To Rank Your Content In Relevant Searches

If you’ve done some researching around SEO I’m sure that you’ve heard of the term “Semantic Web” or “LSI Keywords”. But being quite an advanced topic, you might not fully understand how it really works. Even more importantly, how it can be used to improve your SEO. Since the new version of our well-known plugin – SEOPressor Connect have recently launched with an improved features centered on semantic web, I’m more than happy to explain …

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[Announcement] SEOPressor Connect Is Officially Live!

We are really excited to announce that the 6th and latest version of SEOPressor, the SEOPressor Connect is now officially live! After working on the plugin for well over a year, SEOPressor Connect is finally complete and open for purchase to everyone. With many improvements made and many features added to an already great product, we are confident that digital marketers will find the plugin useful and achieve great results with it. When we talk …

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2016 Google Algorithm Changes: 14 Predictions From Google Patent

It’s just past the new year, and that means it’s time for an annual pastime of ours: Predicting Google algorithm changes. We’ve looked into the matter, and here are the changes we think are most likely to happen over the next twelve months. 1) Ranking Sites By Time Spent Viewing Content [Watch time based ranking – Aug 2015] When people think of videos, they usually think of sites like YouTube – however, even small businesses …

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Google Ranking Factors According To Google Patent

When talking about Google ranking factors, one thing that can be said for sure is that there’s an awful lot of speculations going on. From the total numbers of factors to what each of them are, you can find a lot of people with a lot different of opinions about them. For example, the most popular myth about ranking factors is that there’s exactly 200 of them. Over the years people have been racing to …

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Local Keyword Research: Find The Best Keywords For Your Local Business

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects that none of us should never neglect or overlook when it comes to doing local search engine optimization for their own business. In the past, when two persons were to search for a particular keyword, let’s say, “housekeeping services”, (assuming one is in Ohio and another one in Texas) chances are the top ten results shown to them would be exactly the same. However, time has …

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5 Top Questions To Ask When Writing A Perfect Blog Post

When I first started writing couple of months ago, coming up with content ideas can be quite challenging at times, especially when I do not have any proper planning or a clear direction or objective on what I should be writing for my upcoming blog posts. However, what I’ve learned so far is that with some proper planning and some guidelines, my content writing can never be much easier. All I’ve to do is just …

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Does Having A Buyer Persona Really Matter Anymore

My life has changed tremendously ever since I met Taylor. She is bit different from other girls that I have met before. She is smart and beautiful. She has given me the strength and courage to shape who am I today, as a writer. Taylor is my buyer persona. She is my imaginary buyer that I’ve created based on a little information that I’ve gathered from using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and Alexa. I’m pretty …

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How To Get More Blog Comments (The Smart Way)

The blog has gradually grown into the most important foundational piece of a successful Internet marketing strategy. Without a blog, you’re going to find it difficult to boost your brand awareness and increase your web traffic and lead generation in any meaningful way. Just consider this recent blog marketing data: B2B marketers with blogs obtain 67 percent more leads than those without blogs. Marketers that focus on blogging are 13 times more likely to experience …

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