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Local Keyword Research: Find The Best Keywords For Your Local Business

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects that none of us should never neglect or overlook when it comes to doing local search engine optimization for their own business. In the past, when two persons were to search for a particular keyword, let’s say, “housekeeping services”, (assuming one is in Ohio and another one in Texas) chances are the top ten results shown to them would be exactly the same. However, time has …

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How To Get Your Business On Google Knowledge Graph (For Free!)

If you read my previous write up on Google’s use of Knowledge Graph to help provide users with richer and more helpful information, then hopefully you’re convinced that it’s in your best interest to have your company’s information available to Google’s Knowledge Graph – Because hey, who wouldn’t want a free billboard on the net right? But the thing is, it’s easier said than done. Because Google sources a lot of its information for its …

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The 4 Dimensions Of Google Search Results

While I was digging around doing my Google patent research, I have this brief “eureka” moment – I realized that in achieving their goal to provide the best and most relevant search results, Google come up with a slew of algorithms to improve the quality of results returned. But Google also knows that high quality results alone is not enough. What is considered “best” is highly dependent on the situation of the user when asking …

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What Are Canonical Links And Why You Should Canonicalize Your URL

When learning how to best optimize your website for search engines, there seem to have a new jargon or buzzword created every few months and is thrown at you expecting you to already understand what it means. One of the SEO buzzwords we’re looking at today is “Canonicalization”. While this jargon isn’t exactly new, it’s definitely a bit of a mouthful. Some of you might have heard of this word before but don’t know what …

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Why Is Everyone Talking About Google Knowledge Graph?

If you’ve done any kind of online marketing over the last few years, then you’re probably familiar with how quickly the landscape can change, sometimes almost instantaneously! New marketing features are popping up all the time, often requiring that you adjust your inbound marketing strategies on the fly. Take for example the Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph is actually a feature that was launched three years ago, but Google has been slowly introducing it into …

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