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301 Redirects: What You Need To Know About It

Major changes have come to a relatively minor bit of HTML code, which had previously been the source of a lot of controversy: The humble 301 redirect, as well as other 300-series redirects. On its face, the 301 is an exceedingly simple piece of code. If one webpage has changed addresses, the 301 takes incoming […]

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10 Tips On How We Boost Our Page Speed

If it seems as though the Internet is becoming sluggish to browse, you’re not alone. Websites today are becoming increasingly cluttered and slow-to-load, and that’s big problem. It’s a problem for users, and it’s a problem for the web page owners themselves. A website should be as fast-loading as humanly possible. If your own page […]

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10 Commandments Of SEO Every Marketer Must Obey

There’s a lot of old, outdated, and just plain wrong information about SEO floating around out there on the Web. The art of search engine optimization is changing, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Built your SEO strategy around these ten SEO Commandments and you can’t go wrong. Well, you can, but it’ll be […]

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9 Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

Now that we’re in the beginning of 2016, I’m sure that everyone will be curious about what will happen next in content marketing. It’s no doubt that SEO is evolving, and it’s getting more difficult. But that’s not gonna stop us from keeping up, right? Google’s algorithm is changing from time to time, and we […]

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The Complete Guide To Social Media Writing

As a content marketer, our schedule is mostly occupied by writing blog posts and keep ourselves updated with the current SEO and content marketing trends. There were also times when I was busy planning and writing blog posts that I had no time to update my social media accounts. Have you ever been in the […]

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How To Market Your Business On Twitter

Twitter has been here since 2006, and that makes it a decade already. Can you believe that? Although many have said that Twitter is no longer their favorite social media platform, but I’m sure there are still people out there who are using Twitter just like me. If you’re still a Twitter user, I believe […]

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2016 Google Algorithm Changes: 14 Predictions From Google Patent

It’s just past the new year, and that means it’s time for an annual pastime of ours: Predicting Google algorithm changes. We’ve looked into the matter, and here are the changes we think are most likely to happen over the next twelve months. 1) Ranking Sites By Time Spent Viewing Content [Watch time based ranking […]

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Quick SEO Website Audit You Should Do Every Now And Then

Let’s be honest – nobody really enjoys doing an audit of their site. However, as tedious as it might be, it’s an important part of ensuring that your website is in top SEO condition – and if it’s not, then all of your investments are going to waste. To help with that, here’s a quick […]

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Understanding Google Penalty: How And Why Your Website Might Get Penalized

There are a lot of things that make SEO and content marketing unlike any other form of marketing that’s come before, but perhaps biggest of all is that SEO is completely reliant on outside parties to succeed. With more than two-thirds of all global search traffic going through its systems, Google is more than a […]

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6 Link Building Tips I Learned From Google Patent

Most bloggers understand the power of links. It’s why link earning is such a huge priority when it comes to online marketing. Bloggers and marketers alike know that obtaining external links is one of the best ways to increase exposure of their brand and attract more web traffic. It’s also a huge factor in how […]

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