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Google Tests Out Two People Also Ask Answers | September 2022 Week 4

Hello fellow readers, welcome to another week of SEO news.  I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far! This week, we have some pretty exciting news.  Google tests out two People Also Ask answers Confusion on HTTPS reporting in Google Search Console Google tests out highlighting People Also Ask answers 19/09 – Google Tests Out Two […]

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Google Rolls Out September 2022 Broad Core Update | September 2022 Week 3

Hi readers, welcome to Weekly SEO news once again. I have some pretty exciting news for this week, so let’s dive into it.  Google Search local pack ranking shakeup Google rolls out September 2022 broad core update Google’s new HTTPS report in the search console  12/9 – Google Search Local Pack Ranking Shakeup  It seems that Google […]

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Google Introduces New Featured Snippet Callouts| September 2022 Week 2

Hi friends, welcome to another week of SEO news. Has the month of September been treating you well? Leave a comment below to let me know. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the headlines we have for today.  Google introduces new featured snippet callouts Further update on Google’s helpful content update Google upgrades review-type results to […]

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A Review Of Google’s Helpful Content Update | September 2022 Week 1

Hi readers, welcome to another week of SEO news. How has your week been so far? Have you seen any disruption to your website’s traffic? Do let me know in the comments. Let’s not waste time and dive into the topic we have for today, shall we?  Google testing quick read and 5-minute read label A […]

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Google Search Console Adds Video Index Reporting | August 2022 Week 4

Hello readers, welcome to another week of SEO news. Google will be releasing the helpful content update pretty soon. Are you prepared? Well, before we dive into that topic. Let’s see what we have in store for this week, shall we?  Google Search Console adds video index reporting Google deprecates International Targeting Report, to be removed […]

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Google Announces New Helpful Content Update | August 2022 week 3

Welcome to another segment of SEO news weekly. I have some pretty groundbreaking news this week. Let’s take a look, shall we?  Google search timer and stopwatch are back Google Search Console completed the migration of the new reporting system Google announces a new helpful content update 15/8 – Google Search Console completed the migration of the new […]

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Google: Dynamic Rendering Only A Temporary Workaround | August 2022 week 2

Nice to see you again. Welcome to another week of SEO news. We are almost halfway through August, and I’ve got some exciting news for you. Let’s take a look! Google’s People Also Ask section rising while FAQs dropGoogle: Dynamic rendering is only a temporary workaround New image preview interface on Google Search  8/8 – Google’s […]

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Legal Ruling May Reveal Google’s Secret Ranking Algorithms | August 2022 week 1

Hi friend, welcome to another weekly SEO news. Let’s see what SEO news we have for this week.¬† Google Search Console’s validate fix function is currently unavailable¬†Legal ruling may reveal Google’s secret ranking algorithms¬†Google’s People Also Ask dynamically loads at the footer of Search 1/8 –¬†Legal ruling may reveal Google’s secret ranking algorithms¬† Google has […]

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Google’s Privacy Sandbox Initiative Delayed | July 2022 week 4

Hey there, fellow readers. In just a blink of an eye, July is almost over. Let’s wrap up the month with some exciting news, shall we?  Google’s John Mueller on counting backlinks Google’s Privacy Sandbox Initiative delayed Google Maps to delete Selfies and low-quality images  25/7 – Google’s John Mueller on counting backlinks  A Twitter user has […]

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People Also Ask Section Is Back On Google Search | July 2022 Week 3

Hey there, welcome back!¬† I hope your week has been swell. Let us check out some of the SEO news we have in-store today. Shall we?¬† Google testing interactive card knowledge panel box layoutStopwatch & timer removed from Google Search¬†A new way to verify site and property on Google Search Console¬†People Also Ask section is […]

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