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10 Most Powerful Words You Must Use To Create Catchy Headlines

Being a successful copywriter is a lot more than simply loving words, then writing them down. While every writer will have his or her own personal tastes, what matters most is what words really work. Everything you write should be written to affect audiences. You need to make them feel, and as a content marketer, you need to make them act. The first and most important act you need them to take is to read. …

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How To Make Money From Blogging: 4 Steps Towards Making $100K Per Month

Just over a year ago Neil Patel set himself a challenge: to create a blog that within 12 months would pay him $100,000 a month. That’s 1.2 million dollars a year. From blogging. It sounded crazy, but in March of this year, he did it. Even crazier? Anyone can. Theoretically, that is. There’s a huge journey to undertake in order to be able to successfully create that kind of money solely from content. I’ve pored …

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9 Types Of Content Your Readers Love

“Content is king“. It’s true now when Bill Gates first stated that in 1996. Content is what drives the visitors to a website, whether it’s direct, referral, or organic traffic. Additionally, content also creates an opportunity for marketers to transform the visitors become customers. The key to success in content marketing is to ensure that visitors understand your message in the content so that your content will be able to convert well. To achieve that, …

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Controversial Marketing: Exploiting Outrage For Massive Exposure

Kanye did it again. Viral topic pops up one after another – Pokemon Go, Donald Trump, Kanye West, Westboro Baptist Church, you name it. People just can’t stop talking about them. While a great deal of people got caught in whatever controversy of the month, very few take notice that most of the controversial topics aren’t random coincidences. They are manufactured. For the more observant, behind most controversies there are always the real intent behind …

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Why Clickbait Headline Is Bad For Your Website

Oh, it’s the clickbait headline. We barely knew you before people started ignoring you, and it’s time for you to leave for good. But why? What is wrong with using clickbait headline? Well, it sounded like a good idea at first. But the Internet is a place of excitement, where new things tend to take off, so a good way of getting clicks was to make titles more exciting. Except… a lot of companies failed …

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Writing For Millennials: Engaging The New Generation Of Consumers

Millennials are one of the fastest-growing consumer groups in the world, with more entering the world of adult consumerism every day. There’s a lot of competition to market towards them, but marketing to Millennials presents a number of challenges that are completely unlike marketing towards the Gen-Xers and Boomers who preceded them. The question of writing for Millennials is a complicated one, but it’s a challenge anyone seriously trying to market to the younger generation …

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How To Improve Content Readability And How That Will Affect Your SEO

When blogging, one factor that people often overlook is the readability of their content. Bloggers or content marketers will try to optimize their keyword density, keyword decorations, meta tags, image alt tags, and hundreds of other on-page SEO but they often overlook the readability of their content. This is probably due to the fact that content readability isn’t accounted in Google’s search ranking algorithm, at least not that anyone knows of or could confirm. But …

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8 Signs It’s Time To Optimize Your Content

It’s been almost three months since I joined SEOPressor, and I’ve written 9 blog posts so far (well, actually it’s 10 including this). I must admit that not every single article is performing well – some are well-received, and some aren’t. So, what can I do with the blog posts that aren’t performing well? It’s simple, I optimize the content. As we all know, content marketing and SEO are inseparable. Seeing that SEO is constantly …

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5 Top Questions To Ask When Writing A Perfect Blog Post

When I first started writing couple of months ago, coming up with content ideas can be quite challenging at times, especially when I do not have any proper planning or a clear direction or objective on what I should be writing for my upcoming blog posts. However, what I’ve learned so far is that with some proper planning and some guidelines, my content writing can never be much easier. All I’ve to do is just …

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How To Seduce Your Blog Audience And Make Them Coming Back For More

While you may not appreciate the seductive quality from your blogging or content writing, the fact of the matter is that you are titillating your audience in a seductive strut. Writers who don’t use their alluring tendencies are really doing themselves and their readers a disservice. Who wants to read a boring copy anyway. But what are some ways that you can really add in a seductive flair and keep your audience coming back for …

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